Monday, June 16, 2008

Ladner vs. Robertson

Congratulations to Gregor Robertson and condolances to Raymond Louie.

Robertson will now lead the Vision team into the coming civic election, and Louie will support him.

The Loud Senator has now backed two candidates who have failed his King Maker ambitions - first, Carole taylor, who wisely chose not to run, and then Al (Let me buy you a free breakfast and send you to vote on a fancy new bus) De Genova.


So it's Ladner vs. Robertson.

Hm. Your guess is as good as mine.

Meanwhile check out my new survey to the right of this page.

Should I run?


Light Rail Guy said...

Larry Campbell, give me a break! This legend in his own mind, did lots to screw up the city. This latter day Judas collected his '30 pieces of silver' in the form of a senate seat, supporting RAV.

You know RAV old chums, that $1 billion over budget, under built subway that destroyed Cambie St. businesses.

Gee Larry, don't you care, guess not you reside in Ottawa and no one in Ottawa cares about Cambie St.

East to say "Eat cake, when one is a senator."

Larry Campbell should go away, we don't want to hear anymore about him!

al gordo said...

One way to decide which candidate to support, would be to find out what type of transportation system they would support for Broadway to UBC.
The right answer would be LRT.

Doubtful said...

Ahhh, Robertson he looks soooo cute, how will the latte sippers, yoga pant wearers and shoulder bag carriers resist?

What does he stand for...who cares!