Monday, June 16, 2008

Nobody is Nuttier tha the Shrinks

Psychiatry has a lot to answer for.

In its latest foray into mental health...

A three-year old child has her throat cut and a pillow put over her head right here in BC in 2001.

The murderer is her foster father, who twice had told doctors that he planned to cut the girl's throat and put a pillow over her head.

A doctor signed off on this murderer's foster parent report because he was assured by a psychiatrist that "THE DIAGNOSIS WAS MORE IN KEEPING WITH AN ADJUSTMENT DISORDER AND ANXIETY."

In spite of this hideous, irresponsible and deadly performance, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, who rarely find anything wrong with any of their peers (but are very good about keeping foreign doctors from qualifying as doctors here in doctor-starved BC), found that no physician or agency was responsible for this tragedy.

To add to the butt-covering, the Ministry of Children and Families, so ably mis-managed by the bumbling Tom Christensen, only took 7 years to deal with this case.

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Anonymous said...

Having worked in the field for many years the statement by many new hires often comes up, "Is it my imagination or do some of the people in this ield have more problems than those they are suppossed to help." The main problem in the Province of british Columbia is that you cannot protect children. It is next to impossible. And the main reason why it seems is that there are too amny skeletons in the closets of those who made the climb. ie: Gordon Hogg