Tuesday, June 17, 2008

R.I.P. to the S.U.V.

That is the hopeful headline to a NY Times story this morning about GM shutting down its production of the mammoth common sense and climate offenders.

One of the many pleasures of being in the UK this summer was seeing that 99% of all vehicles are small.

Back home and seeing these Ford Exploders and Cadillac Escalators bulging out of parking spots makes me sick.

How can anyone speak with conviction about carbon taxes and environmental concerns and continue to build and sell these obscenities?

Here is the Times editorial.


PelaLusa said...

Now David, when the wealthy West Side gentlemen return these vehicles when their lease is up, will this return also include their IQ challenged trophy wives who keep leaving their babies in them, especially when you're around?!

Anonymous said...

The British call these vehicles "Chelsea Tractors".

Anonymous said...

Oh isn't Europe just so progressive and we are are just the backward colony. We will never reach Europe's high level of sophistication, progress and excellence.
Come on David, get off that European pony. It bores me to death.


al gordo said...

Have you noticed that women are more likely to be drivers of SUV's.