Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baying at the Moon

Perhaps someone could explain the comic charade of the last few days in which Blair Wilson, a WestVancouverite elected originally to Parliament as a Liberal and then dropped for some "personal, ethical" reasons, announces with blaring tubas that he has joined the Green Party, thus giving the Greens their first "elected" member in the federal House.

"I feel at home, " was Wilson's eye-catching phrase.

Weren't there enough murders or child abandonments that day to cover the front pages?

Truly, 'tis the Silly Season.

Wait. I think I see Blare disappearing into the back benches.


Anonymous said...

Now playing -

"The Blair Switch Project"

Anonymous said...

I think May has shown truly how desperate the Green party is. My god, if the Liberals dropped Blair for ethical reasons, that should ring enough alarm bells to scare anyone away.

The Greens had a great opportunity to achieve something, but like all Canadian political parties, has sunk into a morass of ineptitude on such a huge extent, that they are next to useless.

I'm voting for a fencepost with hair!

Where is sir John A. when we need him?

David Berner said...



How did I not think of that???

Damn your hide!

Anonymous said...

What's surprising about this?
All politicians are attracted to the colour green.

But there is a bright side.
Blair's final act of graciousness may actually help Elizabeth May gain a seat at the upcoming CBC Leadership debates.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Where is sir John A. when we need him?"

We need more crooked politicians so much we want to bring them back from the dead?
No, thanks, we've got plenty already.