Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Choice That Never Stops Giving

And speaking of Sarah Palin...

Trust Maureen Dowd to come up with the funniest - if not the fairest - assessment of the could-be-President gal from Way Up North.

Read it here.


PelaLusa said...

The more liberals keep on taking shots at Palin's experience, the deeper the hole they dig for Obamanation. Because no REASONABLE person can argue that Senor Obama has any relevant experience on how to run a nation.

A. G. Tsakumis said...

Maureen Dud, is one of the most underwhelming journalists in American history. She can write, yes, and may be occasionally funny, yes too, but her assessment is hardly fair or reasonable.

Her frothy mouthed, sycophantic adoration of Miss Piggy in a pants suit was embarrassing, if not expected. It's not acceptable if a woman makes a CHOICE other than to terminate a pregnancy. That's emblematic of the hypocrisy of the secular progressives and the loonie left. They are no better than the nutbar ultra-right, who believe every child should be born no matter what your choice. Dowd has lavishly manipulated Palin's position on the issue, as other's have of her position on gay marriage. Palin never crusaded against abortion rights and she championed gay unions with full and equal rights to those of a married couple. She just objects to the word marriage being included. I can't say that I agree with her on that, but let's get the real story out there.

The New York Times weekend edition is great to read if you are looking for an expanded version of Democrat speaking notes. Maureen the Dud, being chief among the Frank Rich crowd (read: biased fools)

Anonymous said...

"Backwoods Barbie Goes to Washington"....

rated R - scenes of violence, coarse language and cruelty to animals

Anonymous said...

As I see it Palin (any relation to Micheal Palin of Monty Python fame?) and McCain (stale fries?) are most dangerous.

McCain represents the USA of long ago and Palin represents the Hollywood version of the USA, both very dangerous.

The world has changed since Bush, bushwhacked the Democrats and he and the Republicans are seen has has-been bumblers, with absolutely no intelligence on world affairs.

Obama and the Democrats are the USA's best hopes to regain the the prestige lost during 8 years of White house misadventure.

The question is: Are American voters willing to accept American failure and vote for change or still pretend they are a world power defending god, mom, and apple pie by voting for a gun wielding novice senator and an all but washed up grandpa?

Could it be that novemebers elections will be an updated 'dead parrot sketch?'

Anonymous said...

I hear that McCain's camp is now going to do some vetting of Sarah Palin. A bit late I think. Apparently no-one from the McCain group asked to see back issues of Alaska newspapers....oops

"So now we have Gov. Palin, whom evidence suggests may have abused her power as governor of Alaska to fire the state’s public security director after he blocked her efforts to destroy the career of a low-level state trooper who happened to be her former brother-in-law, because she wanted to avenge a sister engaged in an ugly post-divorce custody dispute.

Published allegations would show that both Gov. Palin’s husband Todd Palin, and members of her staff, repeatedly called and harangued state Public Safety Director Walt Monegan, who says he was “pressured” to fire the brother-in-law, Officer Mike Wooten. The Palins have charged that Wooten drank beer in his patrol car, hunted moose illegally and that he once fired his taser at his 11-year-old step son—charges that Wooten has denied. They have also claimed that Wooten threatened Sarah Palin’s father—also denied by Wooten.

Also interesting—the charges that were made against Wooten were for things that he allegedly did years before, and for which, where appropriate, he had already been disciplined or exonerated by his employer. That taser incident, if it happened, was when the stepson was 11. The boy, now 17, reportedly lives these days with the allegedly trigger-happy step dad. The alleged beer and hunting incidents also predate the divorce, which raises questions of why, if those charges warranted Wooten’s firing from the police force, the supposedly ethics-obsessed Palin would not have raised them back at the time with his superiors.

Palin has improbably denied that she had “anything to do with” her husband’s calls to Monegan. She subsequently fired Monegan and got his successor to fire her sister’s ex from the police force. (Her pick to replace Monegan is being accused of sexual harassment!).

The Republican state legislature has voted $100,000 to fund an independent investigation into the abuse of power charges against Palin, and there is talk of a possible impeachment proceeding, too. Palin has denied that she did anything wrong. The investigation, which is expected to take three months to complete, will drag on through the entire presidential election campaign.

One thing is clear: Whatever Palin’s troglodyte social and political views, Americans don’t need another vice president who views public office as an opportunity to abuse his or her power for personal or political vendettas.

The other thing that is clear in all this is that McCain, who is running for president in part on a claim of competence, has certainly demonstrated a lack of same in his naming of Palin, whom he reportedly only decided on this past week and after only speaking with her last Sunday by phone. (His campaign says he also met her once briefly last February at a state governors’ convention in Washington.)

The Alaskan “troopergate” abuse of power scandal, which will now play out through the coming weeks, clearly was not vetted by McCain and his staff, and no doubt will turn off a lot of one natural Republican constituency: law enforcement officers, who expect to have any charges leveled against them handled by due process.

If even some of the charges against Palin are true, her actions should make her unfit for the office of vice president, particularly on the ticket with a man who is pushing the actuarial envelope in running for president."

DAVE LINDORFF is a Philadelphia-based journalist and columnist. His latest book is “The Case for Impeachment” (St. Martin’s Press, 2006). His work is available at

Anonymous said...

All this....and her 17 year old daughter is pregnant.

Stunningly poor decision on the part of McBush.

Just think of the consequences of this lack of due diligence and poor judgement on a world level.

Mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

You said it very well anonymous - Mind boggling indeed. I have a feeling that we will be hearing much more about Sarah Palin and her family....

McBush should have taken the disability pension they gave him and retired....

MurdocK said...

'its all about appearances...'

attributed to J.F.K.

Hollywood and Washington have much in common and 'the look' and 'sound bite' are what it is all about.

I can recall Dems going all gushy about Obama being a great running mate for Clinton.

Now it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

tis to laugh!

and to cry.

for this tragedy will be played out on all of us...