Friday, August 15, 2008

The Board is Bored

Yesterday I commented on the lack of understanding coming from Victoria Mayor Allen Lowe in ending the Police Chief affair with no information given to the public.

Today we learn that the nine-member police board happily voted no confidence in the Police Chief on Lowe's word, without reading a single word about the issues or facts involved.

Who are these sheep?

Wouldn't even one of these bleating ungulates say, "No, sir. Not good enough. I want to know the whole story."

The perfectly named Christine Stoneman (Not as perfect as Canadian Olympic swimmer, Keith Beavers, but hey...) has the gall to say with a straight stoneman face, "We're intelligent people."


Of course, The Opaque One has said in the past that mayors should not be the heads of police boards and he was right. The only problem is that now that he is Attorney-general and in a position to do something about it, he is a grinning rictus , as usual.

Solicitor-General, John van Dongen, was absent in his field somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Right on the mark, David.

This affair smells and only a transparent review will clean it up. It looks and feels like a cover up.

Give us the facts and we will determine what happened.