Sunday, August 24, 2008

But aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln...

At a social gathering recently, a young woman said what we didn't know it was possible to say.

Tall, beautiful and well-spoken, for over an hour she hovered by the food table and riffed on her favorite theme - only autocratic governments that can plan 50 years in advance are worthy of our attention.

Health care, transportation - if only someone had the vision to organize us all.

Then, just when it seemed she might run out of steam, the coup de gras.

"Hitler's legacy," she offered, "included large tracts of open land that could be used in the future for transportation corridors."

We were gone shortly thereafter.


Corey said...

Which is why the Chinese government has had such a successful Oympics.

They're Chinese to begin with, so planning far into the future is already a part of their culture, but their system of government makes it far easier.

Meanwhile, our drones in Ottawa flip flop on policy every few years as they shuffle mindlessly through Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Tall, beautiful and not a thought in her head....Gordon Campbell's deputy minister was there?

Alex G. Tsakumis said...

I am always appalled at how thoughtless some people are when it comes to quoting some act Hitler committed himself to, that could even possibly be construed as anything remotely close to positive, or even neutral...

Adolf Hitler was the most barbaric and calculated bastard known to man. What he did to the gallant Jewish people was the single greatest act of terror in the history of mankind.

It should be required that no one ever refer to him, unless in the process of explaining away the personification of pure evil. Nothing he did prior to the billowing smoke stacks of hell, nothing, could ever cast aside his legacy of genocide.

I pity people who do not understand this and weep for the Jews, who in a way very few in the international community understand, continue to be flogged for nothing more than bravely carving out an existence, a home.

Anonymous said...

This is a very dangerous and hard blog to answer.

For A. G. Tsakumis, Stalin made Hitler look like a piker, when comparing the limits of evil and depravity. And don't forget about Mao and Pol Pot, they too slaughtered millions of innocents.

But Hitler is especially reviled because of the Nazi concentration camps - read death camps. The Japanese had them too, but the Americans have largely hid those atrocities from public view.

Look up Unit 731.

Speaking of concentration camps, Canada and the US had them too. Oh sorry, it's not politically correct to call them that, they were interment camps.

One wonders if the war in the Pacific had gone badly, how soon would the Japanese internment camps become death camps?

Not politically correct to ask? Maybe not, but with the amount of racism in the 40's, I'll wager that all sorts of base types would have volunteered to do the job.

The only reason that the Nazi death camps and Hitler are so reviled (and he damn well should be) is that we won the war and we have the those horrible news-reels. No news-reels of the Gulag though, or Japanese concentration/death camps, no massive public upchuck what happened there.

War, ethnic cleansing are horrible things, but it keeps on happening. How about Dafur? Where are great pure political leaders on that one. How many dead? Over a million?

Before we revile Hitler for the umpteenth time, have a deep look behind those dark closed doors of history and see what evil skeletons in the closet lurks. Some, including the ethnic cleansing of native Americans may hit very close to home.

Hitler was an evil man, but no more so than Stalin, Mao, Mugabe, Pol Pot and a host of despots that ooze out of the gene pool.

They all belong in the special hell.

MurdocK said...

"Health care, transportation - if only someone had the vision to organize us all."

They do...have the vision:

at least Mr. Jones thinks so.

nowhere man said...

The latest Madonna concert features a video comparing Presidential hopeful John McCain to Hitler, as well as Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
The title of her song, "Get Stupid".

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"The title of her song, "Get Stupid"."

Its good to know Madge follows her own advice.