Saturday, August 23, 2008


The people of Ashcroft have got it right.

The Campbell government is drunk on Olympics and SkyTrains and convention centres.

It is too drunk to notice the exit of doctors.

Two over-worked and beloved doctors are leaving the town of Ashcroft and its exhausted hospital because they have been slaving 100+ hours a week.

The CEO of the Interior Health Authority says, of course, "No problem."

Andrew Neuner is no doubt a $300,000 a year man.

Nothing is a problem for him.

And asking him to care about the problems of the sick and the elderly in his jurisdiction is apparently unseemly.


Anonymous said...


I, too, saw that news item, and could have a lot to say about the abysmal healthcare record of the Campbell Liberals.

However - there is another important question to be asked: How come two doctors have to work 100 hours a week (each?) for a population of only +/- 2,000?

We are a two-generation family of six. Lucky to be healthy, I admit. But I can count on the fingers of two hands, the total number of physician visits we've made in the past year. My one visit was for an annual check-up.

Surely, the Ashcroft environment is not so bad that all of the people get sick all of the time?

Or is the patient catchment area much larger than just Ashcroft?

Liz J.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

So, the people running this mess of a system are all getting huge raises so we can hang onto them because they're the best and the brightest and Heaven forfend they should leave us. Uh huh.
Gee, I can't imagine what a disaster we'd have on our hands if incompetent fools were running the show. /sarc

Anonymous said...

Liz J. makes a good point. If a physician has 1000 patients to their practice, that works out to 20 patients per week, or 4 per day.
Does not seem very overworked to me, and there are some people who never go near a physician for years.