Saturday, August 2, 2008

Important addition about Autism

You are bang-on about the premier's wrong headedness regarding autism and the "centre" and cutting deals with "power couples" I am the parent of a child with autism as well as an advocate who has fought to have science-based autism treatment covered by healthcare for over a decade.
I was a litigant in the landmark Auton case which Gordon Campbell's govt. appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada where they unanimously overturned two BC Supreme Court's judgements obligating govt. to provide treatment. Campbell promised me and my colleague, Sabrina Freeman on Aug. 11, 2000 that if the Liberals formed the govt. in the next provincial election, they would drop the appeal and do what the BC Supreme Court ordered. He lied - exactly the opposite happened....and countless more lives are enduring unnecessary suffering because of it.
The last thing we need is another building, essentially run by well-intentioned parents who frankly have enough money to insulate them from the day to day realities of autism. The BC Supreme Court and the BC Court of Appeal were very clear on what the solution should be. It was ignored and so still today, the biggest crisis in BC and the rest of Canada is universal access to the only uniquely effective autism treatment which is ABA/IBI
David Marley has been helping our group for the last 2 years. He designed a very useful political strategy which we introduced in the last federal election in BC. We intend to employ it again in the next federal election in BC, Ontario and the Maritimes.
Have a look at our blog:
I would be happy to provide you with more info. on the politics of autism if you are interested.
Thank you for your interest.
Jean Lewis,
Director - FEAT of BC (Families for Early Autism Treatment of BC) and "Medicare for Autism Now!"

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Anonymous said...

Ms. Lewis: Our problem is that, in British Columbia, the issue is not only about the lies you say our Premier told with respect to his plans for care of people with autism; it is not even about our government's attitude to treatment of people with IQs below70.

The issue is that the lies told by our Campbell government - about a myriad of topics - are now beyond counting.

The issue is also that, in British Columbia, we are not only governed by Orders-in-Council and by fiat, but that, our government has, by legislation, by creation of private and/or appointed boards and commissions; by cutting the budgets of our Auditor-General and our Ombudsman; by the threat of retaliation, and by cutting back the autonomy of our elected local governments, placed itself beyond our ability to hold the Campbell Liberals accountable for their actions.

In the matter of our natural resources; in the matter of public power and our rivers; in the matter of our forests and wild salmon stocks, and in the matter of the democratic rights of its citizens, British Columbia is being given away and/or destroyed.

The only recourse for citiziens of this province will be the upcoming election in May of 2009.

WHAT WE DESPERATELY NEED IS THE ABILITY TO IMPEACH - not once every four years, but immediately one of our rights is trampled upon by government.

Liz J.