Saturday, August 2, 2008

More on Autism

Yesterday, I wrote in this space about our Monumental Premier and his completely out-of-synch idea for dealing with autism.

A letter to the editor in today's Sun adds an element I'd had forgotten to include.

The letter writer correctly asks why the Premier is involved with a wealthy couple and their plans to build a biug building? Why isn't the Minister responsible working on the file in some orederly and transparent way?

The answers to these excellent questions are these.

1. That's how Gordon Campbell does business. He isn't interested in process and clarity. He is interested in fast-tracked deals with people he knows. He is drawn to power and money the way Mulroney was drawn to America.

2. The Minister, Tim Christensen, is utterly irresponsible, downright dangerous in his ineptitude considering the importance of his duties - Children & Families - and easily one of the worst ministers in the history of BC government. He is on a short string attached to the premier and his powers are thankfully limited.

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