Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let the Name-Calling Begin

It is as predictable as rain in Vancouver.

The moment I write a piece in the Province decrying harm seduction policies and the garbage can called Insite and asking for more money for real treatment, the hate mail arrives in 100-lb. bags.

I'm arrogant. I'm an a-hole. I'm ignorant. I know nothing about the issues.

So be it.

And watch for more columns and more posts and more articles in the same drug-free vein.


Anonymous said...

Just made my day when I read your choice of Topics for your Province column. It's one thing for us to rant on about the Poverty Pimps and Drug Pimps in high [no pun intended] places, on Blog Sites, but it is another kettle of fish to start informing the masses via the newspaper!

And just a friendly reminder folks, email Tony Clement and tell him what you think of his position regarding Insite.

I suggest a new Bumper Sticker Campaign. "Steal A Bait Car, Go To Jail. Break Into My Home, Go To Insite"
Cheers, Gary

MurdocK said...

Get ready for the actual pressure to mount.

Once the advertisers start to dislike what you are doing David, the song from the paper may change...

Great that you are rocking the boat though!

Anonymous said...

How long did it take for the hate mail to arrive?
I had someone attack me on a blog within 5 minutes when I dared to suggest that drugs were a huge problem with many(Most?) of the homeless and that simply housing individuals would not solve that problem.
They need treatment and supportive housing.
How simplistic of me to suggest that! I obviously don't know anything about addiction.
Big assumption.
Oh well, keep on, keep on.
I was happy to see your article.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

I could almost get a laff out of those who accuse you of being ignorant etc. in the field of addiction, Sir David, if they weren't inflicting so much harm on us all.
That someone with your proven track record of success can be so deemed is mind-boggling. Clearly, the harm reductionists are a dangerous cult, with mind control and the whole schmeer. Very scary people.

Corey said...

Great article David. Your voice is like a clear breeze through the stench of an alley in the DTES.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps all should read Lani Russwurm's piece, Harm Reduction, 50's Style in The Tyee for some background:

David in N. Burnaby:
"That someone with your proven track record of success can be so deemed is mind-boggling. "

I wonder if Berner has solid proof of his success backed by unbiased and valid studies, scientific research and reports etc., or is "the proof" simply based on his own hubris and blinkered anecdotal observation?