Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Blog Policy

After considerable consideration, I have decided that I will no longer publish other people's columns on this blog.

I will however point to a column from time to time in the same way that I point to a news story.

This evening, for example, I would encourage you to read Justice Wallace Craig's excellent piece published today in the North Shore News.

It is about holding politicians and police accountable, and it comes from a particularly informed and thoughtful position.


Anonymous said...

David, I read Justice Craig's article and just weep. 'Two fish' Van Dongen is but a puppet whose strings are pulled by the Premier, the question is: "Who pulls the Premier's strings?"

The province has turned into a horror show of corruption, police incompetence, bureaucratic ineptitude and political malfeasance.

The common man has been all but abandoned by the vast Liberal/NDP political machines, which care little for proper values.

The evil that has infested this province is overpowering and we can't rid ourselves from the vile and nauseating system. Democracy has failed and failed badly and we have become the province of the golden rule ~ he who has the gold, rules!

PelaLusa said...

I'm curious why, David? Is it because too many people don't pay attention that the words are not yours and then attribute you with what has been written?