Friday, August 29, 2008


I thought Barak Obama's speech last night was magnificent.

I thought he was wonderful.

I don't believe he is the second coming of you-know-who.

Nor is he Jack Kennedy or Dr. King.

He is Barack Obama, and for me, at this moment in history, that's way more than enough.

He is a politician and he got to this spot on this stage not by being an outsider. He has played all of the usual political games and he has played them well enough to be a Presidential candidate.

But, how could anyone look at John McCain and not see Same Old, Same Old?

Obama is different and he is new and he is terribly smart.

I hope to see him become the President.


Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that he promised Americans the world, I do feel inspired by Obama and although it is naive to believe a politician I know, while listening to him I felt a sense of hope for his country and by extension the rest of us. I also hope he wins and I hope that, as has been reported will happen, angry Clinton supporters who considered voting for McCain, will see through his cynical choice of a woman as his running mate and vote for Obama.


vancouveriste said...


Anonymous said...

"I hope to see him become the President."

As do many of us out here David. Intelligent, and a good and decent human being - what a concept!

This week will be interesting watching McBush and his running mate Palin - who is anti gay, anti choice, etc. - a former Miss Alaska who is a member of the NRA and loves stomping around in the wild killing animals - but doesn't think a gay partner has the right to be with his/her partner if he should lay dying in a hospital. Nice.

PelaLusa said...

Sorry to not join the Obama Conga Line but I think you're all missing the reality of the situation. McCain's choice of Sarah Palin was absolutely brilliant.

Not only will many centrist women who supported Hillary Clinton now vote for McCain because of Palin but so will many working class people of both genders.

I do predict that historians will note that this appointment sealed Obama's fate ... and not in the way you all are hoping for.

The early attacks against this mother of five are so indicative of the convoluted thinking of the Obama campaign. My further thoughts can be found here.

A. G. Tsakumis said...

I don't mind robust debate, or even differing with my dear friend David the Truth...who I find inspirational many times...

But Obama is an empty shell of a politician. He cannot deliver on anything he has promised and has already capitulated on a withdrawal deadline, and the new energy technology commission.

Compassion? Hardly, TWICE when he was an Illinois Senator he voted against subsidies for under privileged school children. In fact, in one of those votes, he was one of two to do so.

Common Sense? How?! When? To spite the Administration he voted against troop support, well after 40,000 gallant men and women said goodbye to their families and went off to the Middle East. Agree with the war or not, you do not leave lives hanging in the balance to score political points at home. Support would have been expected by a real leader, instead Pierre Elliot Obama delived the expedient.

Consultative? Forget it. He is surrounded by Democrat attack dogs like Paul Begala and James Carville, both of whom managed to lose the last election for John Kerry by not keeping his messaging sharp against a populist (fool) incumbent President (and by not keeping Teresa Heinz Nutbar back in her bunker in Nuremberg--remember her comment about Lieberman? "He is a little Jewish man with a big opinion...") Bitch...

Committed? Hardly. He was asked why he supports partial-birth abortion (a barbaric procedure, even though I am generally pro-choice), and couldn't say anything except that it deserved support "it had never gotten". Really Barack? Wild Billy Clinton, frshly emerged from another bathroom encounter with a WH page, had previously made it law...

As for Sarah Palin, say what you wish, she is a masterstroke as a chosen candidate and it is hardly cynical. Anonymous (big surprise), you haven't the first clue what it's like to live in a non-urban town or center, clearly. Guns are very much part of that life,

Against gays? Horse manure, she supports civil unions with full rights, but not gay marriage. It's splitting hairs in Canada because of the way our laws are written, but in the States, it makes sense.

Don't shoot the messenger, friends, but Gov. Palin was a brilliant political masterstroke. Last I checked, that wins elections, whining doesn't.

Obama gave a great speech, no question, full of nicely turned phrases and plump oratory. He is America's most celebrated orator.

But so was Jesse jackson.

A. G. Tsakumis said...

Obama attacks old politics, special interests and lobbyists, wearing his Christian ideals on his sleeve...or so we believe?

Old politics? He chose a 35 year warhorse in Joe Biden, who has now been defanged thx to Mrs. Palin..

Special Interests? Biden collects from all sorts of lobbyists (like the others on the hill) and Obama refuses to eliminate from participation in Democrat politics, a group called The Arab Network, who are known as being linked to terrorist cells throughout Europe. They gave Billary $50,000 when she was running for the Senate and she refused to return it. you don't hear about this because CNN (Clinton News Network) won't play the tape.

Real Christian ideals? Not from the perspective of this friend of the Jews! Can anyone say racist, anti-Semitic pig Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

No Obama, not ever.

And McBush?! Have a real, honest look at the McCain's record and listen to the messaging from his running mate this morning...a vastly policy path to Bush and a more understanding and compassionate team.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"I hope to see him become the President."

As do I, but for vastly differing reasons. Oh, and let's not forget that cup of tea, Sir David; when you've conceded that Pres Obama (he's Barry to his friends, Sir David, I know you've chided me, but I would be heartbroken to think he doesn't consider me a friend) has been a complete disaster; couple years or so down the trail. I'll look forward to it; mine's Earl Grey. ;-)

MurdocK said...

Two Months is an eternity in polyticks...

The real swinging has yet to start and we will all need hip waders to survive the overflow of b*ll-sh*t that is about to hit the fan and fly in all directions.

Anonymous said...

Palin won't get the Hillary "traveling pantsuit" women's votes. They do not hold to her anti choice, anti gay rights stance, among other issues.