Friday, August 29, 2008

The Lily White Groves of Suburbia

That's the thing about a democracy.

You can behave as badly as you want. There are no laws against stupidity or greed or nastiness.

And private clubs have the right to be exclusively and solely for left-handed lesbian water-colorists who own property in South Beach if that's what they want.

Thus the world-renowned Vancouver Golf Club in sunny downtown sophisticated and enlightened Coquitlam, B.C. has a perfect right to not admit Korean golfers whose English is not very good.

They have the right.

But do they have any brains?

Or simple decency?

This could have been a teachable moment.

The geniuses who preside over this venerable old institution could have hired one of the thousands of unemployed ESL teachers on a part-time basis to crank up the abilities of club members to say, "Two dry martinis, please," or "May I have a towel to dry myself when I emerge from the shower, please?" or "You play through. We are slower."

But no.

It's always better to discriminate against people and violate the basic sentiments of the nation.

You can get a driver's license in this province in one of 167 languages other than English.

But you can't drive a golf cart in Korean?

Kum sum ni dah.


Anonymous said...

If English proficiency is not required for one to become a landed immigrant or Canadian citizen, why then would it be necessary for membership in a local golf club?


Anonymous said...

and there is the Federal Liberal party, who would rather have a Catholic twit for a leader than an intelligent Jew.

Anonymous said...

Um excuse me, is this 2008 or 1908? Sounds like the latter, as 19th century racists now seem to control the Vancouver golf club.

I guess the same lot don't like Asian money either - not, only if it is for club dues it seems!

I don't play golf, nor really watch it, in fact I find it one of the most boring sports around; that being said, the rugby team I play for has all nationalities and the only question we ask is, "is your medical insurance up to date?"

Anonymous said...

Bravo! it's about time I say. How is this racist in any way? Infact speaking english should be a requirement for entry into Canada. There is no reason expect laziness not to learn our language. Speak English PLEASE

Anonymous said...

Yes, ENGLISH SPOKEN HERE - especially if you've been living in Canada for a good many years.