Saturday, August 30, 2008

Victor is Not Mile High

My friend, Victor, disagrees with me substanially on the worthiness of Barak Obama.

His thoughts follow below:

On the evening Braaak was trying to mollify Clinton's female support base, he forgot it was also the anniversary of women's suffrage. Instead, he tried to channel Martin Luther King. Complete with paper mache pillars.

The thing is, Liberals are so intent on being earnest that they tend to miss the obvious. How else could one explain that Michael Moore, a lib darling and a man with the girth of a small planet, could make a documentary on health care that would be gushed over by earnest Libs.

There is a saying and it's not mine. It goes "Earnest is just another word for stupid that went to university."


I can't wait to see the Dems start savaging Sarah Palin. It's started already. First, they agonize because Ms. Piggy in a Pantsuit lost the nomination because she's a woman. Now they're going to go on the attack against a woman.

Palin has a son going to Iraq on September 11.

As an old media guy, I just drool to think about what I could do with that as a media clip. Try this.


I can't wait for the Sarah Palin- Joe Biden debate. When she's finished with him, we can call him Joke Bidet.

This is not the first time a great orator with foggy background, little experience and a messianic message addressed a stadium filled with 100,000 rapturents. It happened in Nuremberg in 1934. Oh Shut up. I'm not comparing these two people on moral grounds, Of course the politics of the two men are oceans apart.

But I would have thought , that after 70 years, we would have learned that great speeches don't mean great leaders.

If I were asked to name the greatest media savvy leader today, hands down it would be Vladimer Putin. Do I support him? No, stupid. But has he ever looked foolish in a single photo, quote or clip? Nope. He is a master of image management.

Putin understands the maxim that media are like puppies. To wit, " they are excitable, poorly trained and they suck up to authority." And he knows how to toss them doggy biscuits.

Would you want him as your leader?

Popcorn time. Settle down and watch the show.


PelaLusa said...


My admiration of you goes up even higher, that you chose to post a completely opposing view on your blog.

As you might have imagined, I agree with Viktor completely.

What's most AMAZING to me is how the Democrats are attacking her on experience. I understand their intention to diminish McCain's Experience argument but attacking Palin on "zero foreign policy experience" then begs the question, "What about Obama's"? Attacking her on "starting out as the mayor of a small Alaska town" only alienates rural voters. Attacking her as "being a former beauty queen" must absolutely annoy all women, except for those who hated beauty queens.

The very fact that Democrats are attacking her surely must deflate Obama's "Hope and Change" campaign balloon.

Maybe it's a new stroke of political genius to alienate all kinds of potential voters but I can't figure out its logic. If anyone can explain this strategy to me, I'd love to be educated!

Anonymous said...

Right on David, for posting even the most outrageous comments.

As for Victor - did he even hear Obama's speech?

And to comment on Sarah Palin - start with her fierce oposition for a woman's right to choose, placing in jeopardy one of the most important legal precedents of our time.

Continue with her zeal to teach creationist theory in the schools, while editing out that nut Darwin.....her love of fossil fuels - or is that fossil fools - her fundamentalist mentality to rival any from the middle east - MY GOD CAN BEAT UP YOUR GOD.
Heaven help us.

Jon Stewart's going to have a field day.

Palin vs. Putin? Good grief.

It is so insulting for anyone to think that smart women would cast their vote entirely based on gender. Nonesense. McCain has lost his mind....and a lot sooner than Reagan did.

Sarah - you pale-in comparison to Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Sarah Palin's shrieking voice will turn people off.
Talk slowly with a deep voice.

Anonymous said...

My - Machiavellian? - dream was for McCain to name Hillary C. as his running mate...Coulda worked.

Anonymous said...

I too am fairly disgusted with victor's comparisons and ramblings.

Sarah Palin - anti gay marriage - anti choice (EVEN IN THE CASE OF RAPE OR INCEST!), gun toting member of the NRA who hunts game, fishes - and doesn't give a hoot about the environment. Another Christian fundamentalist extremist who I understand is pro war (read the Iraq invasion). Heaven help the USA if they elect McBush and his trophy VP. McCain had met her ONCE prior to choosing her for a running mate. Can you say opportunist?

Can anyone really see this woman in the role of president should that become necessary?

I listened to her speech today and I just wanted to say - repeatedly - "Oh, shut up!". That vocal tone and screeching of hers needs a whole lot of work. On the other hand, perhaps that will turn out to be a positive.

Go Obama.

Anonymous said...

"Ms. Piggy in a pantsuit"...

You're a real charmer, aren't you? I find it difficult to believe that David calls you friend.

Anonymous said...

Do your research folks.

A dangerous duo...

MurdocK said...

I was going to write about the vagueries of political actions and their potential long-term results, but this quote from above leads into a better point right away.

"McCain had met her ONCE prior to choosing her for a running mate. Can you say opportunist?"

While running for his third term, President F.D.Roosevelt chose a southern man, Truman, since he wanted to curry more favor in the south and garner more votes so as to defeat his opponent in that third term run. The former Vice-President went ballistic and tried all sorts of ways to show that Truman was breaking deals that he and FDR had brokered with the Soviets during the second world war once Truman took over after FDR's death.

I'd say that given the advanced age of McCain and his previous health issues there is an urgent need to understand ANY running mate of McCain.

PelaLusa said...

Gotta love the Anonymous poster's challenge "Do your research folks" and then he provides links from 2 sources:

- Wikipedia

Brilliant! Any teacher marking such a paper would give it an immediate "F".

Anonymous said...

Nonsense. Get your mind past the source and investigate.
Oh, right I forgot, you probably get a lot of your info from Limpbaugh, Coulter, Orally and the other good unbiased, sometimes drugged up yahoos at FOX news. HaHaHa Too funny.

Attack the messenger....

And you probably have as much expertise in marking papers as you do in discerning what is and what is not a cult.

Anonymous said...

Just curious why a certain blowhard is so offended by 'Anonymous' posters, particularly when their views don't coincide with his own.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Very interesting analysis of Obamamania that's sadly, probably way over the heads of those afflicted with it.

Still, I'm rooting for Barry. He's going to be hilarious as Pres, better than Jimmy Carter i figure. :-)