Friday, September 12, 2008

Canadian Law is Soooooo Sick

A serial killer is caught and charged with first degree murder.

She killed in 1998 and she killed again in 2002.

The penalty for first degree murder in this nation is an automatic sentence of life with no parole eligibility for 25 years.

So far so good.

But wait.

She first killed her seven-week old son and then in a moment of deep motherhood she allowed her next child to live nine weeks before killing him.

So, in one of those classics of Canadian jurisprudence, this dangerous nut bar will now get five years for the mysteriously lesser charge of "infanticide."

Lesson learned, class?

A baby's life is worth much less than the life of any adult, including some fool killed in a bar fight.

How, I wonder, did we come to this set of values?


Anonymous said...

Q. How did we come to this set of values?

A. When we gave the Courts equal opportunity with politicians.

The REAL question, though, is this: When in blazes are Canadians going to stand up and take back their country?

The possible answer: After the hockey game, eh?

What people are waiting for, I think, is delivery of the last few bricks of the wall New Zealanders hit - just before they woke up and turned their country around.

Liz J.

Anonymous said...

PS: That should have ended with:
...and it looks as though they - New Zelanders - are about to do it again.

Liz. J.