Friday, September 12, 2008

A Place in the Sun

The provincial NDP's affirmative action plan for the upcoming election is either a bold stroke of courageous leadership or the dumbest thing anyone's ever done...depending, I guess, on whether or not you've had your cappuccino yet.

Fifteen ridings are now reserved for persons of the female persuasion. No doubt a few transgendered folks will take this to court.

Five ridings are reserved for "minorities" such as visible minorities (Is that white people in Richmond?), homosexuals and the disabled.

Westside Kelowna, for example has been reserved for chicks. (I'm trying to be as offensive as possible here.)

Why not all those other minorities for Kelowna.

Well, that's simple, Boys and Girls and Anyone In betweeners.

In Kelowna there are no people of color, gays or the nasty inconveniencing wheelchair folk. Kelowna, as we all know, is an enclave held entirely by blond golf players.

So, OK.

Here's my question for the Truly, Really Democratic Party.

What about reserved ridings for Greek Pastry Chefs?

Sex-starved accountants?

Atom-smashing physicists?

I want to see equality here, understand?


Anonymous said...

It is a racist policy, where white Anglo Saxon males are forbidden to run for the NDP. I wonder if it would stand a Human Rights Tribunal investigation? If the NDP were to say no black women were allowed to run in certain ridings, all hell would break lose!

James and the NDP have walked into a trap of their own making - the NDP is a racist political party.

Anonymous said...

Although I am a supporter of "lefty" politics and would love to see any COMPETENT person run for this (or any political party of their choosing). I don't really care where they come from, what their gender is, what there personal style of worship is or any other triviality. I appreciate competent people who want to take a leadership role in serving their constituents.

It saddens me that the NDP has chosen this route. Their policy will possibly PREVENT good candidates from taking on leadership roles.

Again, as a lefty, I want to see good candidates for this party - regardless of whether they are "visible minorities" or not.

Linda Yuill

Martin the Ridiculous said...

My vote in the next provincial election goes to:


Seriously, politics in this province are a joke...