Saturday, September 13, 2008


In an absolutely unequivocal editorial this morning, the NY Times has declared that Sarah Palin is unfit for high office and that McCain's choosing her demonstrates some serious judgement flaws.

The NY Times may or may not, according to your taste or mood or rigorous thinking, be the last arbiter of anything, but it sure makes interesting reading.

In case there was any doubt - I couldn't agree more.


David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Americans should worry about Ms. Palin’s thin résumé and lack of experience"
As opposed to Barry Obama's hefty resume and international experience? lol

Anonymous said...

This woman scares the hell out of me. Remember the Doomsday clock, well if McCain and Pallin are elected. the hands should be moved to 1 minute to midnight.

JustAsking said...

The NYT's "unequivocal" (and byline-free) editorial notwithstanding, there is a diversity of opinion on Sarah Palin's fitness for high office. The hot issue raised by the NYT editorial was her apparent lack of knowledge of "the Bush Doctrine".

In this editorial in the Washington Post, from the inventor of the phrase, some doubt is cast on the NYT's fine coverage.

Personally, after watching it, I thought Palin did very well in a fairly hostile interview. I wish that Gibson, in his interview with Obama, had asked similar hardline specific questions, and not the lowball "How does it feel to win the nomination?" kind of thing.