Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wonderful Letter in Today's Sun

Political life in B.C. doesn't need affirmative action
Vancouver Sun

Golly, it's been a heck of a week for democracy in B.C. First, those of us in David Emerson's riding had to endure another lecture about why he invalidated our votes to jump ship for a sweet deal. Then the B.C. Liberals decided they'd rather not concern themselves with the legislative process for a few months and would prefer to "go one-on-one" with British Columbians.

Now it's Carole James and the provincial New Democratic Party who, not to be left out when it comes to kicking dear old democracy in the teeth, tell us that in 20 ridings, they won't allow candidates to run in next May's provincial election if they're not women, members of a visible minority or disabled in some way. I'm a very left-wing, very NDP-voting social worker and a strong advocate of broad social representation in every walk of life.

And, yes -- big surprise and horror -- I'm a heterosexual Caucasian male. I'm the kind of voter who would never have a problem voting for a woman, a person of colour, a homosexual, etc., but I will have a difficult time voting for the NDP next year. Why? Because in the name of affirmative action, James has told voters that certain people need not apply for these jobs, no matter how qualified they are. In essence, she's told British Columbians we can't think for ourselves. Joy MacPhail and Jenny Kwan didn't need that patronizing policy, nor did James herself. I suggest the provincial NDP have more trust in the voters and in the fact that our society is maturing with regard to these matters. It can do much to encourage diversity without devaluing democracy.

Peter O'Loughlin


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MurdocK said...

This one issue alone is enough for me to not be able to hold my nose and vote for any NDP candidate.

The party is a shadow of its former self and does not deserve even to be 'in' the legislature.

I wholeheartedly recommend that voters unhappy with the liberals take the time to find ANY INDEPENDANT candidate and vote for them.

NRF said...

Again this year, I expect my vote choice to be "none of the above." However, the feds don't allow me that choice. In fact they criminalize it and conviction for spoiling a ballot could result in 3 months of jail time.

I suppose that, if I joined Hell's Angels, I might be charged but never convicted.

Anonymous said...

Again, is not this a racist policy? What the hapless Carole James is saying is that White Anglo Saxon males are not welcome to run for the NDP in certain ridings?

This issue alone will ensure a 3rd term of the Campbell Liberals.

What if the NDP said "No Black women can run in certain ridings or No South Asians can run in certain ridings? It's all the same.

Carole James has proven that a 'fence-post with hair' could be a better leader than she is.

Really, when you exclude certain people from running in your party, certain people do not vote for your party.

Like the other half-wit who was NDP leader and lost big time and now is a Federal Liberal MP, on wonders if Ms. James has been offered a federal Liberal seat if she and her party lose big time in the next provincial election. She has certainly written the script for massive failure - a racist candidate policy!

Anonymous said...

Stephane's Liberals also have dictated one third of their candidates be women.
An Independant may become the first choice for many voters.
Could there be an Independant Party in the future?