Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Democracy demands that any damn fool have his/her day

Let Elizabeth May debate and appear in public during the election.

Then we will see what a paucity is her platform.

Harper, Dion nd Doucette may be accused of many things, but sheer irrelevance and silliness may not be among the charges.


Anonymous said...

Problem is, the four 'other' political parties have no real environmental or 'Green' platform.

Harper only has Green platform because the polls tell him to have one.

Dion has a 'tax the suckers' Green platform.

Layton has a 'keep building car in Ontario' Green platform.

And Doucette, well no one, except in Quebec cares.

They are afraid of her and their cowardice may compel me to vote Green, though I was getting rather tired of them.

Really, there is no one who stand up for the little guy.

Anonymous said...

Dion made a deal with May not to run a Liberal candidate in her riding of Central Nova.
She also tried to make a deal with Layton.
So much for democracy.
She is against abortions and a devout Christian.
She plans to become an ordained minister.
Referring to Harper's stance on the environment she said it is "a grievance worse than Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of the Nazis".
Should be an interesting debate.

Anonymous said...

The NDP and Tories are not the only organizations that show disdain for the Greens.

This is enlightening.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth May is a refreshing new voice in this election. Rather than offer disdain, perhaps you could make an effort to learn what this group is all about.

David Berner said...


Normailly I don't comment on comments, but yours is so wonderfully full of yourself and flat stupid...

I know who the not-in-the-least-refreshing Elizabeth May is and I know who the Gree Party are. They once recruited me to run for them. Hahahaha...

Commentary and disdain are not born in the same egg, you dope.

MurdocK said...

The 'other' parties are missing an excellent opportunity to show how truly out of touch the greens are with real world issues that are important in running any large organization effectively.

The ship of state is about more than clean water and enviromental stewardship. These are generally thought of as municipal responsibilities and this is where green candidates may have the greatest impact, yet they do not organize and run full slates of candidates for even such things as park boards. How can we consider them really as a national governing group?

The 'other' parties should embrace having May there, if only to show she has no grasp whatsoever of international issues, anything outside of 'the environment', and a somewhat abbrasive approach to confrontation...something that is a daily part of the parliamentary theatre, not to mention international diplomacy.