Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Justice Derailed

This is how our criminal justice system has devolved.

We now have university psychologists recommending how judges can make their instructions to jurors understandable.

We're not quite sure if the problem is that the judges mumble or the jurors are both hearing and intelligence impaired.

But, clearly, when the Kelly Allard-Reena Virk file can be properly and finally laid to rest, something is terribly amiss.


Anonymous said...

Something stinks to high heaven on this one and certainly the blame can't be placed on Allard, guilty or not. The BC Rail-gate case is another that stand out as "something rotten in the State of Denmark, me thinks"

What happens if Allard is left off without a fourth trial? She is currently in jail, could she then sue for wrongful conviction?

Though she is a deeply troubled girl (years in jail doesn't help), why has there been 3 overturned trials? Certainly it hasn't been a slam-dunk and leaves one wondering why we have to go through it all again.

I just have a funny feeling that there is more to this story and trial that can be reported at this time.

And the Virk family, a decade of upheaval, and our sympathies must go to them.

Anonymous said...

I share the above sentiments for what must be the devastated Virk family. As an aside the "B.C.Rail-gate Case" came up on the Christy Clark Program today. A caller suggested that it alone, was one reason why the Liberals should have a Fall Sitting. Ms. Clark's response? That is so old now, that I don't believe that even the N.D.P. are thinking about it!!!!!!!

Cheers, Gary.

Anonymous said...

Christie Clark is a Liberal shill, nothing more, nothing less. Brand-X is in the pockets of Liberal elites and OH MY GOD, is Bill Boring dreadful of late.

Though this posting has little to do with the Allad/Virk trial, it shows the state of local media reporting - slim to none!