Thursday, September 4, 2008

It gets Worse Every Night

Last night, one speaker after another issued relentless verbal assaults on Barack Obama.

Each of them with the now patented Republican smirk. The smirk, which at first just seemed like a psychotic nervous tick on the part of the inadequate President, has now jumped faces. It is everywhere.

Rudy "I personally saved New York from Eveything Bad" Guiliani made rude remarks about Obama and laughed at every one of his terribly clever barbs. So did the rubes in the Texas cowboy hats and veteran's caps.

Then, Little Miss Family Values came aboard, wrapped in the flag, wrapped in war and victory and fighting men, and attacked Obama some more. This is the fundamentalist lintball who has her congregation convinced that God is directing American troops into Iraq and that they must all pray for a $30 Billion pipe line in the hood.

I think that's in Leviticus, isn't it? Or is Ecclesiastes? And the Lord said, "Go unto the North and build pipe lines, my children."

I'm not sure if it's 1930 or 1950 in St. Paul this week, but it doesn 't look very much like 2008 to me.

One speaker after another drew cheers and tears for sabre-rattling simple-minded reducing-it-all-to-us-vs.-them talk.

Let me say this in as simple a way as I can.

I like Barack Obama.

I hope he becomes the next President.

I do not understand the cynicism about him.

Yes, he is a politician.

But, he is the first politician in a great long while that has inspired something approaching hope.

He has no experience being president.

No one has experience being president until he or she becomes so.

I believe Obama can learn quickly and rise to the occasion.

Everybody dismissed the haberdasher from Missouri and Truman became a great president.

The Republicans have found great success, beginning with Nixon, in selling fear, so they are doing it again.

We are at war. The terrorists are coming. Obama can't lead. McCain is a war hero. Blah, blah, blah.

So tiresome. So predictable. So transparent.

Except, of course, for the dopes in funny hats and the sad veterans, who are being used as pawns.

What a detestable exhibition that was last night.

Sarah Palin is downright creepy.

May Obama win.


Anonymous said...

David - I couldn't agree with you more.

Has this planet become such a soul-less place that the meanspirited fundamentalist rantings of this shiny baublehead - this distraction from what really matters - could trump HOPE for a better today and tomorrow?
That people would actually be taken in by it?

The Republican war machine is in high gear. They are the absence of hope.

They can't function without fear and war, regardless of the consequences. They can't wait to start dropping bombs on Iran.

I'm cheering for Obama to wipe these smirks off their deluded faces - by being a positive force, not a negative one, and continuing to inspire involvement and change for the better.

Anonymous said...

Very well and truly stated David.

I concur.


Anonymous said...

....and further, here is the link to a piece titled, "This Is America. We Don't Jail Journalists Here"

Blackwater in Minnesota? Wouldn't surprise me.

Sickening and sad.


NRF said...

Ever notice that the Republican approach to politics is like amateur sports at its very worst? There may be two sides at play but only one matters. If you are not with us, you are against us. Everyone against us is an absolute enemy. Any action against enemies is appropriate. Lying and cheating is not only permitted, it is expected.

PelaLusa said...

David, as I said to a huge Obama supporter in Seattle, and a friend of mine, I simply will never agree with you on this subject.

If memory serves, you were a big supporter of John Edwards too. I referred to him as an empty suit and hold true to that belief.

Barack Obama isn't a bad person but his politics appear to me to be somewhere in the same spectrum as Jack Layton's. I would never vote for Mr. NDP and I'm not clear you would either.

As for Sarah Palin, I find her absolutely inspiring! I think she is quickly redefining what a true feminist really is. I don't share her religious or abortion views but I very much respect that she has deeply held morals and beliefs. This is quite a contrast from a fellow who seems to change his viewpoints depending on which way the immediate political winds are blowing.

Isn't it interesting how you find the Republican Convention appalling and I find it inspiring. You're repulsed by this aspect of Americana and I admire it. Maybe when all those Democrats move up to to Canada (as they've threatened to do if they lose the election), I should move down to the U.S.?

I'm now placing my hardhat on, ready for the hatemail ... from the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

David, it's called inbreeding. Lil miss creepy, from Frozen Armpits Alaska hasn't a clue about the real world and retreats to her Hollywood version of the USA and when that fails, she retreats even further to the Bible and her narrow interpretation of it.

God help us all if she were to be president. It would give new meaning to the sad Secret Service joke, If President Bush (Senior) dies in office, shoot Dan Quail.

Anonymous said...

"If memory serves, you were a big supporter of John Edwards too. I referred to him as an empty suit and hold true to that belief."

Oh yes, Edwards was outed by the National Inquirer, wasn't he? I have never read the Inquirer and consider it trash, however, I find myself hoping that their latest allegations concerning Sarah Palin's affair with her husband's partner are true. Anything to prevent McBush, his ilk and that religious nut bar from getting anywhere near control in the White House.

Those thar Alaskan folks are going to spill the beans - and the place is swarming with reporters I hear.

PelaLusa said...

David et al: What would be the equivalent of the inbreeding comment if it were written about Barack Obama?

Are you all fine with such comments?

With the upcoming Canadian Federal Election, will we be seeing similar death threat jokes about Stephen Harper?

Anonymous said...

My god! Sarah Palin inspiring? Here is a woman who doesn't believe in contraception - period and wants to ban it completely. Here is a woman who doesn't believe in stem cell research. Here is a woman who doesn't believe in global warming - not just not believes it, but want to force everyone else not to believe it.

Good god and the American people would even consider her for vice president.

This throw back to the Inquisition is a self fulfilling prophecy for the end of the world - coming sometime after November 2008!

I think your taboo Palin subject should be less taboo because what I saw on US telly last night wanted to make me upchuck.

And sane American people will vote for her?

Guess so, sane Germans voted for old Adolf too and look what they got for their efforts.

This woman truly scare the whatsits out of me.

PelaLusa said...

I don't agree with Sarah Palin's religious views. Nor are my views on abortion or sex education akin to hers.

As for man-made global warming, I believe that Gore & Suzuki are quickly losing their credibility. Does my disagreement with them make me a "denier", similar to a "Holocaust Denier?

"Throw back to the Inquisition"? A vote for the Republicans is like voting the for the German Nazi Party in 1933?

Do you understand the full effect of playing the Nazi card? Do you know the meaning of the term "excessive rhetoric"?!

I'm reminded of a Liberal supporter before the last Canadian Federal Election who said to me, "Only morons vote for Harper. If he gets into power I'll lose all rights to my own body!" I actually ran into her the other day. I didn't see Stephen Harper nor any gov't official around her. What a surprise.

I'm disappointed that not one person answered the 2 simple questions I posed above. And we Canadians are the bright, gentle ones?!

Anonymous said...

"reducing-it-all-to-us-vs.-them talk.

Which the hate-filled diatribes you keep producing aren't?
Check the beam in your eye.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to read these vacuous rants. The smugly superior tone in many of these comments would be laughable if they weren't riddled with personal attacks, prejudice and evident ignorance. What exact Democratic policies do you find so worthy? Hope? Charisma? Nothing else is mentioned in your endless tirades and smears.

This would all be a little interesting if you dealt with issues instead of emotions and vague impressions.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Palin scares the living hell out of me.

God help us if Hillary's base gets suckered into voting for her based mainly in her possession of a Y chromosome.

Anonymous said...

Palin - "I think she is quickly redefining what a true feminist really is."

The only positive aspect to that statement is that you are not a woman.

Feminist? Surely you jest? You were on the correct letter - F - but you should have stopped when you reached Fanatic.

Anonymous said...

"vacuous rants."

I'm sure many of us do a great deal of research prior to making a decision regarding who we do and do not support in the upcoming election in the USA. I know I do.

Let's start with:

A President who will uphold the constitution of the USA...

who will not allow, condone, or cover up torture.

who will not lie to the people about invading a country - then call it a war.

Ever perused PNAC (Project For A New American Century)

Anonymous said...

"It's interesting to read these vacuous rants."

How dare you! I don't know about anyone else, but I do a lot of research prior to making most decisions.
Here....take the time to post and read the following link and think on it. Why does the McCain camp insist on keeping Palin away from the press - any press - and their questions?

There are many in the USA who find this appalling - as do I.

"American people will learn all they need to know (and all they deserve to know) from Palin's scripted speeches and choreographed appearances on the campaign trail and in campaign ads. "


Anonymous said...

And then read the information contained in the following link and ask yourself the question, "Why is Palin and the McCain camp so afraid of the hard questions - and why are Palin and her new "friends" doing damage control by holding up an investigation in Alaska in re her possible involvement in using her position as Governor to interfere in a family legal matter - divorce and custody matters of her sister and EX brother-in-law...."

All these matters go to CHARACTER.

Vacuous? I don't think so.

I would be willing to bet that this woman has much to hide.

Anonymous said...

David, as a woman whose former home was in Eastern Europe, the words of Obama seem childish, naive and light-hearted to me. Of course, he is a good speaker, of course George W. Bush is a bad speaker.

In many ways I am glad your readers are so appalled by Ms. Palin and possibly by the Presidential candidate John McCain. If you do not respect and value your opponent, they may just trip you faster than you finish your silly laugh.


MurdocK said...

So David,

Are you enjoying the 'smoke and mirrors show'?

Get ready for a much more subdued version of the same here.

I am so glad I got rid of the TV.