Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brave New (Furry) World

Prozac for pets may be panacea for owners

Our four-legged friends can get depressed, too. Sometimes drugs can help ease the pain

When I read a headline like this, I turn the page.

Life is very short.

Now, look at the photo and tell me who's on heavy meds?


Martin the Ridiculous said...

You know what you do if your cat is sad?

You pet them, give them a little catnip and/or a toy, and they're good!

Anonymous said...


I am cat lover. I have owned cats almost my whole life (always adopting an adult cat from a shelter).

My current fine, furry feline friend was adopted by me in 1998. He appeared a bit nervous, but otherwise good. When I took him to the vet for his regular check up and shots, the veternarian mentioned that he appeared to have a "neurological disorder". He suggested that I could take my cat to a cat psychiatrist. However, being a man of common sense - he also advised me that the cat psychiatrist would simply assess the cat and tell me that he has a neurological disorder - which is what he was telling me for free :)

I never took Mr. Kitty to a cat pyschiatrist, pychologist, therapist or physic. As one of my friends blunttly advised when I told of my cat's affliction - "He's a cat!!! He IS a neurological disorder!!"

Nuff said - Mr. Kitty and I still live happily ever after.

Linda Yuill