Saturday, September 27, 2008

Moving Right Along

It's not often that I agree with a sitting government about much of anything.

But I am pleased to see the new permission by Victoria to allow pharmacists to renew some prescriptions without a visit to your local bones.

For many of us, these renewals are simple, harmless and necessary.

Why then add another $29.30 or whatever the tab is to say Hi to our family doctor. We need to eliminate useless expenditures in the medical system and this is one reasonable way to do it.

(Having nurses and other practitioners doing a host of jobs that do not need Mr. Seven Years is another reasonable way to cut costs.)

Of course, the docs are mightily upset and like good politicians everywhere, they warn of the dire consequences of asking pharmacists to be more than order takers and fillers.

Yes, this new initiative opens opportunities for mistakes and corruption.

But why should my neighbourhood pharmacist be more prone to these diseases than my doctor?

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Anonymous said...

I disagree. When I see my family physician (who I see about three times a year unless I have a major medical problem), I take a list of the meds I use on a regular basis for a chronic health condition and anything else I require, which is not a lot as I have a "thing" about pharmaceuticals.
My Doc writes my prescriptions with 2 or three repeats.

My pharmacy has made several errors in prescription and non prescription meds - incorrect product, past the expiry date, insufficient or incorrect drug instructions, etc.(fortunately I am an excellent researcher). There is no way I will entrust them with the decision of altering, substituting or renewing, in any way, the meds I take to keep me on this side of the grass - let alone have them tacking on an extra charge over and above the prescription fee, for the privilege.