Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not a Thrilla in Manila

One of our favorite sportscasters loves to shout over footage of running backs crashing towards the end zone, "Rumbling, stumbling, bumbling..."

We needed him last night at the McCain/Obama sparring match #1.

I suppose all those commentators must find "balanced" things to say after the nosebleed, but unless we were all watching very different channels, I gave Obama 15 rounds and The Old Guy zilch.

McCain was also undignified, whining repeatedly, "What Senator Obama doesn't understand is..."



Anonymous said...

To use a term that is bandied about a lot lately, McCain was not very 'statesmanlike'. He couldn't keep that smarmy, condescending grin off his face. He also had a heck of tough time pronouncing Ahmadinejad. Obama, while he did not score any big points, was dignified and, yes, statesmanlike. A radio commentator on a local station stated flatly that Obama lost the debate. I wonder if we were watching the same debate? Anyway I, like you, thought otherwise. And as a side note, and I know this is below the belt, but am I the only one who thinks McCain looks like a corpse?


Anonymous said...

I agree with your synopsis. Obama "won" hands down and had done his homework - even getting rid of the aahs he is ridiculed for (which he uses as a thinking pause in his speaking - Many people do that). There is a call in the USA for Mccain's medical records to be released to the public - in total. That has not been done. Sarah Palin waits in the wings.......unless they come up with a "family crisis" which will take her out of the picture (Please God). Obama is a decent man as far as I can determine and I truly hope the Americans do it right this time. They are in meltdown in more ways than one.


Anonymous said...

My fear is that if McCain croaks in office and Pallin gets the nuclear codes, let's all start playing the Doors "THIS IS THE END", because it is going to be.

Maybe McCain is a corpse, kept alive by evangelical Christians just waiting to get those nuclear codes.

Let's all pray...............

Anonymous said...

"...kept alive by evangelical Christians ..."

Or maybe its the Masons or the Rosicrucians. In any case, I'd get my tinfoil helmet on if I were you.