Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shed His Light on Thee

I find watching the Republican Convention an astonishing experience.

What am I seeing? Where am I? Who are these people? What planet are we on? Have I awoken yet? Is this a school day?

Laura Bush, with total conviction and a straight face, tells us that her husband, the worst president in history, has kept "our land safe."

Aside from Al Qaeda and the Taliban and the lunatics who run Iran and North Korea has there been anyone more dangerous in the world these past eight years than George Bush?

Bush appears by satellite grinning and smirking as usual and talking drivel.

Then, Fred Thompson, that completely bogus, false one-note actor (disdain and smirk) gets up and waves the hot button flags - honor, decency, strength, country - while images of warriors flash behind him.

Then, that self-serving ambitious turncoat, Joe "I'll stump for anyone who gives me a big job" Lieberman, piles on the heroics.

Through it all, old and ugly and stupid people cheer and cry and wave the banner.

I tell you honestly, I completely don't get it.

You don't have to accuse me of not getting it.

I confess. I don't get it.

I can only watch these scary little people for moments at a time. I always think I'm watching a satire or a zombie movie or something.

So some of you don't buy into the Obama mythology.

Fair enough.

But this is the vision you share for the future?

Simplistic, old, tired shallow patriotism, sabre-rattling and so-called "family values?"

The idea of John McCain -with or without Little Miss Baked Alaska - running the show gives me the total willies.

I know many lovely Americans.

I have have met so many of these bombastic simpletons as well.

So right, so conviced of their rightfulness, their superiority, their claim to God's special graces.

- 30 -


Anonymous said...


I, too, can only watch the American hoopla for a couple of minutes at a time. In fact, I only turn it on to make sure there has been no new "global, never-before-in-the-history-of-the-planet" disaster.

I caught a scrap of the Fred Thompson regurg. He cannot give a decent speech, and had no laugh track to guide him - embarrassing.

I am sick of political Americans who think they are God's gift to mankind - and then run up trillions in debt. (And I'm also sick of arrogant BC politicians who ape them.)

I am doubly sick about the promising V-P candidate from Alaska who, once in the spotlight of a voracious media, turned out to be just more of the usual 'mess of political potage.'

I'm sick of "grand orators" who think charisma is all they need to run "the most powerful country in the world."

And, in the final analysis, I feel sorry for decent Americans who, it transpires, have not been given any choice at all.

Liz J.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way David. The whole atmosphere seemed otherworld like and cultish to me. Later I listened to a political talk radio program (USA) and heard details of reporters from Democracy Now being "arrested", manhandled, their credentials taken from them - at the Republican convention, by "uniformed" men with no identification on said uniform. What is going on? Are these guys Blackwater?

Someone suggested that we should all read "It Can Happen Here".
I tell you, I feel uneasy.

And now news is surfacing about Palin, her religious affiliations and little sermon at her church in the past where she preaches that the invasion of Iraq was God's will.

What we are witnesing is what happens when power hungry fanatical religious people don't give a whit about separation of church and state - quite the opposite.

The good news is that Obama's rating is now at 50%, last I heard.

Anonymous said...

But, is anyone surprised? American politics is based on myth and deception. The whole society is steeped in this nonsense. The average US citizen thinks they have the god given right to to what they want to do because god has anointed them.

It is scary, very scary. On a recent vacation, trying to enjoy a hot tub, with very banal conversation with an American gentleman who was also on holiday. Once he found out I was from Canada, let loose a mad harangue of very decidedly anti Canadian redirect. Canada didn't help invading Iraq; Canada did little in the world except being decidedly un-American, etc., etc.

And they call Canadians anti American?

In short, the average US citizen is just like you and me, except, they are fed a daily dose of questionable and supposedly patriotic drivel that has absolutely no relevance in today's society.


When this sad sack tried to ask my religion, I told him I was a Pagan, "you know, mother earth and all that and great parties at the solstice."

Taken aback, he blurted out, "What's a solstice?"

It was a relief to be on the road the next day!

MurdocK said...

Sounds like the usual 'sales job'.

The two 'conventions' are busy 'selling' their candidates.

Keep the 'bottom line' in mind, especially with our own polling coming fast.

Anonymous said...

"old and ugly and stupid people "

Make sure you don't participate in politics anymore when you're no longer "young and beautiful". No one will want to look at you or hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing. Clearly you do not think that George Bush's poltics has made America safer. Fine. But we have not been attacked again since 2001. Just chance? Perhaps.

Following the same thinking, IF we were attacked again between Sept. 11/01 and now, it would be clearly George W. Bush's fault, right?

The man cannot do anything right and yet he will do everything wrong. This is leftist media's bias at its best.

Logic dictates that you cannot have it both ways. But I know you never studied logic. Stay close minded, as usual.