Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2010...or is it 20,100...or is it 2,100,000?

Day in and day out, Vaughn Palmer continues to be one of the very best newspaper columnists in the business. We're lucky to have him here.

In today's piece, Palmer skewers the administration for what apparently are blind costs when it comes to security for the Olympics.

It may be $200Million, it may be a Billion. Who can say?

Not the Finance Minister, apparently.

The cash may come from the province or the feds or Vancouver or Whistler or Richmond.

No matter how you cut it, it comes from your pocket, boys and girls.

It's called tax money.

So enjoy your 32 seconds of someone from Norway schushing down your hill.


Anonymous said...

Generally the only time, Palmer goes against the Harper/Campbell neocon alliance is when his comments will do no real harm ie a scathing critique of Campbells wardrobe or Harpers sweater vest.

Vaughn Palmer was a big fan of the sale of BC Rail. He was a big fan of buying ferries overseas. He is one of those types who has the most irritating habit of pretending to have skills he doesn't have. Industrial engineer, maritime engineer, transportation engineer are all hats he's worn in his neocon support roles.

I'd agree he is a skilled journalist. This smooth talker could have persuaded BC's low information voters to support George Bush if the Harpers's neocons had switched leaders in mid stream.

I'd love to debate him on many issues but if you watch his show he shouts down virtually any caller who disagrees with him.

A truly dangerous man.

Anonymous said...

Not being a strong supporter of the Olympics, I am now fast becoming anti Olympic. How the provincial and federal governments are playing fast and lose with the costs is disgusting.

It's too late to stop the damn thing, but I'm afraid BC taxpayers are going to be left with the booby prize.