Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crimes Within Crimes

The following was sent to me by a friend who happens to be a police officer. At the bottom you will see his outraged comments. Below that, my own...

METRO VANCOUVER - One of the four RCMP officers involved in the Tasering of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski is facing charges of impaired driving causing death after a collision in Delta Saturday night.

However, Delta police - who are investigating the crash - have refused to identify the officer until he makes his first court appearance on Jan. 15 and is formally charged.

Orion Hutchinson, 21, was riding westbound on his motorcycle along Sixth Avenue around 10:20 p.m. Saturday when his bike collided with an east-bound Jeep at the intersection of Gilchrist.

Hutchinson, who was thrown from his bike, suffered traumatic injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the Jeep, an RCMP member, was transported to Delta police headquarters where, according to Delta police, he failed a breathalyser test.

The officer was released on a promise to appear in Surrey Provincial Court on Jan. 15, 2009.

Why do British Columbians have to suffer a police force that tolerates if not advocates this kind of behaviour?

This drunken shithead is sent home to chill after killing a second innocent victim while the horsemen are blockading the inquiry into why he killed Robert Dziekanski.

It's despicable. Fire the RCMP now.

Let me add...

It is always dreadful when some fool drives drunk. It is always worse when that selfish fool kills or injures another person.

How hideous that in this case the drunk driver is a police officer.

We appreciate that cops have a difficult stressful life, and we've seen enough bad movies to know that the line between cop and crook can be awfully thin at times...BUT...

Can we not expect some basics to hold?

You're a police officer. If anyone should know better, sir, it is you.

And, as for the squad around this sorry fellow who will release no information ....

and you wonder why the public has increasingly lost faith in you.


Anonymous said...

It gets worse. If the eye witness reports on the news are correct, he had his little children with him at the time.
I have no sympathy for drunken driving (no matter who is driving-politician,law enforcement,judges,ANYBODY).
It's very easy to leave your car at home if you plan to drink.
Or not to drink anything when you are the driver.

Anonymous said...

When will enough be enough ?

I just heard that this contemptible 'officer' actually had children in the vehicle with him when he killed Hutchinson.

Who was there when he grabbed his keys, and the kids, and headed off impaired?
Is there a core belief within the RCMP, that they are above the law?

The RCMP should be disbanded.

keith said...

It is time for BC to have it's own police force.
I've noticed many of the latest RCMP recruits have French Canadian names and accents, no doubt due to hiring requirements regarding candidates speak both French and English.

Anonymous said...

Let's not lay the blame on the RCMP. This was someone employed by the RCMP. This like saying the collision was between a Chev and a Jeep. It was the driver at fault not the type of vehicle
And how do we know that the RCMP officer caused the accident? The motorcyclist could been at fault

Anonymous said...

I see a failure in BC's health care system, notably its lack of attention and assistance for people suffering from stress-related (usually short-term) mental health issues.

If a cop has anger issues, or drinking issues, or family issues, they should be spotted BEFORE trouble happens and sensitively handled IN PRIVATE by the RCMP employee assistance office.

If a cop has legal issues, the officer should be treated like anyone else, as far as is possible. (i.e., no 'special release' of information prior to a formal charge.)

Furthermore, I am among an apparently shrinking number of people who believe that all 'suspects' deserve to be presumed Innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law. The media is NOT a court of law.

One last point - disbanding the RCMP sounds like an idea from Marc Emory. Will that really do any good?

MurdocK said...


BC "had" the BCC until the 1950's. Then "the Queens Cowboys" got the contract. Since 2000 they are increasingly acting more like Blackwater Canada than the 'ole Mounties from the 1973 posters...where is Dudley DooRight when you need him?

The reality regarding the RCMP in BC is that the local populace HAVE NO SAY IN THEIR DISCIPLINE - NONE - NADA - ZIP.

This constable can be transferred to Whitehorse or Timbuktu and carry on as before at the whim of the Commish in Ottawa!

Pink slip the entire RCMP in BC, follow that up with a declaration of independance from Ottawa by printing our own money in BC, taking BC residents out of the CPP scam and standing up like a real province like PQ.

anonymous commenting that the motorcycle rider may have been at fault, yes sure wait for the full details - you can still charge the drunken fool and the rest of the 'mounties' that are defending his identity should also face the public wrath.

I am completely shocked that any of the infamous 4 from the airport are even still in BC!

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Pink slip the entire RCMP in BC, follow that up with a declaration of independance from Ottawa by printing our own money in BC, taking BC residents out of the CPP scam and standing up like a real province like PQ."

Hear! Hear!