Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Appoint them...but give them no teeth

Not a good sign when your watchdog says he can't do his work.

David Loukidelis says he has received numerous complaints about lobbyists that he cannot investigate because he simply does not have the legal power to do so.

"Because of my restricted mandate under the [Lobbyist Registration Act], I am unable to gather information from unwilling parties or to impose corrective measures or sanctions even if I were to believe that a person has engaged in unregistered lobbying."

The Sun report in this morning's paper concludes thus:

"Attorney-General Wally Oppal was not available for comment Tuesday evening."


Anonymous said...

If the Lobbyist Registration Act had teeth, most of Campbell's friends would be in gaol.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Not a good sign when your watchdog says he can't do his work."

It seems to suit the Gordie Campbell Gang just fine.

Anonymous said...

Wall Offal will also not be available for comment tomorrow morning, mid day, or tomorrow evening.
Day after tomorrow, he will be available, but of course the Media will have gone off to tilt another windmill by then, and once again, Mr Offal and company will be free to carry on, accountable to no one.

Cheers, Gary