Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quote of the Day, #2

"We respect [Right to Play's] vision, mission and mandate and greatly admire the work they have done around the world," said Cobb.

We just don't respect them as much as we respect General Motors.

And those guys, well, WE REALLY RESPECT THEM!

This was VANOC trying to do the double shuffle on trying to keep a charitable group out of the Olympic Village because the group had the audacity to be sponsored by - gasp - Mitsubishi.

Just wait until the Olympic Village itself becomes a charitable cause.

And we thought it was all about sport and effort and glory and accomplishment...


Anonymous said...

Always, I have sat on the fence post concerning the Olympics, I really don't care because I view the IOC a corrupt little old boys/girls club that enrich themselves at the expense of sport.

But VANOC is a different story and this tawdry item keeping Right to Play from the event because they are sponsored by
Mitsubishi is the last straw.

I condemn VANOC, I condemn the IOC, and I condemn any and all who support or participate in the Olympics. I will not watch and will try to boycott any company that sponsors the Olympics.

I am tired of the Olympics and the mental midgets who run it and I hope it just goes away.

Maybe the gods will intervene with a warm winter, no snow, except for a blizzard in Vancouver which we know will bring the city to a standstill.

Is there a GOD?

MurdocK said...

Of course not David,

The Olympic$ now are all about dollar$ and cent$.

Those with cent$ go to the back of the line and tho$e who get their dollar$ from other than "olympic' friend$ must wait outside.