Friday, October 31, 2008

Be Scared, Be Truly Scared

Talk about unholy October Deal with The Devil...

Gary Lunn, MP for Saanich-The Gulf Islands, is now Minister of State for Sport.

Lunn falls quickly behind Hedy Fry as the Second Worst Parliamentarian in living memory.

Almost as adept as the Great Dr. F herself at talking a lot and doing nothing.

All the people I know in his riding detest the poor fellow. See him for the hollow man he is.

Who the hell voted for him? Who voted for Hedy?

Forget cancer and outer galaxies -these are the true mysteries of life.

Now, as the empty vessel "responsible" for Sport, Lunn's entire gig will consist of getting fat at the many banquets leading to, during and from a certain 2 week party in these parts about 14 months from now.

What was Harper thinking?

Gary Lunn!?!


David in North Burnaby BC said...

"What was Harper thinking?"

Simply keeping with the best British parliamentary traditions, Sir David. The system aims for the perfect cabinet: the minister of sport is overweight and smokes, the education minister is illiterate, the minister of employment is scared fartless of work ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Who counted the votes for Lunn?

Anonymous said...

At long last! Something I wholly agree with you on.