Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Lift-Off!

It is not often enough that we hear of something truly exciting happening in local business.

But that was the case this morning when the Sun featured a major story on Viking Air's New Twin Otter aircraft.

The Victoria company already has orders for 41 units, each costing $4Million to start.

Read the item here, and then email Viking your congratulations.


Anonymous said...

What I find truly amazing is the Federal Government didn't 'force' the company to move to the East where it seems to want all aircraft manufacturing. Have the Feds finally seen the West's importance to the Canadian economy? Just asking.

MurdocK said...

Yayy a good news story!

Thanks for this one David.

I always liked the twin-otter, though I may have only taken a few flights they were comfortable.

Better than the flying box car that scare-bc has been using for commuter trips.