Friday, October 24, 2008

In His Counting HOuse

Premier Campbell's economic announcements of last evening are much like the man himself - shallow, glitzy, pleasant, practical and expedient.

While the ten point plan shows no real depth or long-range vision, it does offer a few Christmas and pre-election goodies.

Tax reductions are always welcome, thank you.

Some explanation about how you're going to make up the loss in revenues would be enlightening.Or does that come in January?

And, most welcome of all, a hefty one third reduction in ferry fares and a return of previously cut service.

But tell me this.

Once we enjoy through December and January ferry prices at two thirds of what they were, how are we going to feel when they arbitrarily jump back in February?I'm not sure that's the most clever move we've ever seen.

So. Let us serfs and peasants enjoy the king's largess until he gets his next gas pain.

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keith said...

If oil prices remain low, the ferry fares should come in the new year without the government's help.