Friday, October 24, 2008

Where is the Independant Voice?

Campbell turns his attention to the economy with a worthwhile package

Vancouver Sun

Published: Friday, October 24, 2008

Enough said?

Could this editorial be any more out of touch with its readers?

Most people have seen through the Premier's 10 point rescue plan as the usual window dressing and falafel.

Nothing new, nothing extraordinary, nothing substantial.

When our major daily sidles up to the sitting power with such comfort, it is time to

a)Head for the hills and buy the 12-gauge?

b)Stop reading the morning paper?

c)Consider Auckland or Christchurch?


Anonymous said...

Christchurch sounds really good.
My young cousin recently told me that their neighbourhood had a break-in. The first in 10 YEARS.It made the local paper.
He misses his family here but is quite happy to be away from Vancouver/ B.C/ Canada politics.

John said...


There is a very good reason Canwest (who own the Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Province and Canada's version of Fox News - the National Post) stock is trading at $0.91/share.

They are on the precipace of bankruptcy and I am counting the hours.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

I remember when burglaries here made the papers. Those were of, course, the bad old unenlightened days before we knew how to deal with crime.
It sounds like Christchurch is terribly behind the times; perhaps we could ship them a boatload of our judges to help get them up to speed. They'll soon have burglars aplenty everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I got fed up with the Asper Sun that I cancelled. The story goes like this:

I caught them out on a lie on a subject I know a great deal about. I then wrote a letter to the editor. They would not print my letter to the Editor.

I then emailed said letter to every senior editor at the paper, still no reply. They also have a tawdry blog which if they don't like your comment (not rude, not libellous, just factual), they censor you.

I phoned and was ignored, so I cancelled my subscription and advise everyone else to do so as well.

Read the Seattle P.I., good paper!

Anonymous said...

In Saturday's Richmond Review -

- there is an article about how Campbell's Fiberals have promiced TRansLink new revenues via taxes and auto levys, but to keep quiet about it until after May's election.

My letter to the paper;

The Editor;

So Gordon Campbell & Co. have a plan for the troubled economy - download taxes onto the poor with new transit taxes, while at the same time cutting income taxes to the rich: some plan.

The Light Rail Committee long ago predicted TransLink's economic plight because of the continued folly by senior governments ,forcing SkyTrain or SkyTrain like metros on routes that do not have the ridership to sustain them. RAV is a case in point.

So bad were the ridership numbers that the international banks would not lend money to the consortium building the metro and the province had to raid the public service pension plan and funnel the money through InTransit BC, to the consortium building the edifice. So much calling RAV a P-3, it isn't, as the operating consortium doesn't have risk on the project, only the BC Taxpayer!

RAV's prices has escalated too, from a laughable $1.3 billion in 2002 to a now over $2.5 billion - and climbing. The Campbell government has just forked another $53 million to the project to mitigate 'unforeseen circumstances.

RAV/Canada Line now costs over 3 times more than LRT would have cost, but wait, there is more. To constrain escalating costs, the design of RAV was scaled back to the point that metro doesn't even have the capacity than an at-grade LRT could have, operating on the Arbutus Corridor!

That and very poor ridership prospects on the metro mean that TransLink, that floundering 'Ship of Fools' needs huge subsidises to keep afloat and that means you, the taxpayer, will be saddled with massive new taxes, levy's carbon/gas taxes and such; but only after next Mays election. Why? Gordon Campbell, his puppy Kevin Falcon, and the rest of the Liberal 'expert' cronies sucking off the TransLink teat, do not want the public to know the truth!

Malcolm Johnston

Anonymous said...

You know David a polititker is a politiker by any other name.

For a great read that certainly encompasses this subject on a straight forward, down to earth level try
"The Education of Little Tree" by Forrest Carter. I think you have to go to to get it.

Which brings me to a great subject for those of us readers who like to support our public libraries. How come you can't get any early novels by authors who's more current works are kept???

Just a few thoughts of great nation importance . . . enjoyed you six degree of separation, I think I'll check out my totals too.


David Berner said...

Malcolm Johnston,

It is very important that I get ahold of you as soon as possible.

Please email me your email address and/or phone number.

Many thanks,

David Berner