Friday, October 17, 2008

Justice Denied

If headline writers deliberately aim to provoke, they certainly struck gold with this one:

Vancouver trafficker gets sentence cut for being aboriginal

Man was 'raised white,' but judge says he identifies as first nation and deserves a break

Isaac Jenkins checked two suitcases in at YVR for a flight to Montreal. The suitcases were filled with cocaine, an illegal substance and a deadly dangerous one.

In other words, Jenkins knowingly went out of his way to break the law. In fact, his entire enterprise is about breaking the law. That's how he spends his day.

So, if I exported cocaine, could I claim that I am one of god's "chosen people" and therefore deserve a lighter sentence.


I can hear the Rabbis laughing already. They would argue that I deserve a harsher sentence for disgracing the tribe!

This kind of weeping "justice" only besmirches the name and deserves round condemnation.

When will judges be held in some way accountable to the people they fail to serve?


David in North Burnaby BC said...

here's a link:

Apartheid, anyone?

MurdocK said...

IS there ANY accountability that can be attributed to any functionaries in any of our systems?

The House of Commons passes a motion permitting US Servicemen and women to remain in Canada, yet the Immigration people can simply IGNORE this LAW of the Land?


Who is in charge here?

How can we expect anyone who has been granted 'powers' to ever behave themselves and exercise those powers responsibly when there are NO CONSEQUENCES for misuse of powers?

Who has the oversight of the Judiciary?

Unless, we the people, is the correct answer then there are truly major problems within our system.