Friday, October 17, 2008

Miro Cernetig's Wet Noodle Rehash of Tired Old Tropes has no Business on the Front Page

What refreshing, new thoughts has Cerntig brought to the marketplace in his chanting of accepted wisdoms on Ladner and Robertson this morning?

This drivel isn't worthy of the back pages, let alone the cover of a major daily.

He buys and re-sells the fantasy that property crime is down.

No, Miro.

Check it out.

The reporting of property crime is down.

If you call your local police office in Metro and tell them that someone has broken into your home, violated your sense of security, rifled through your socks and underwear and made off with the plasma tube while you were at Costco, they will YAWN IN YOUR FACE.

The average tax-paying home-owner has forsaken the reporting of these kinds of crimes because all they get for it is A FILE NUMBER.

Crime is up, way up, and if you don't know that, what do you know?

Ladner is absolutely right to talk about more cops.

I don't agree with him on more "Ambassadors," but that's another argument for another day.

And then there is this ancient mantra, repeated by the Lazy and the Bored:

"His brutal, backroom ousting of Mayor Sam Sullivan, whom he deposed as NPA leader, still sticks."

Get serious, Miro.

You want brutal? Try looking at the real record of the worst and most vicious mayor this city has ever tolerated.

Everybody in City Hall wanted to see the end of Sullivan and Peter Ladner was simply playing out all our wish fulfilment dreams.

The NPA had a contest; they had a vote. One guy won, the other didn't.

Stop whining.

And try writing something original and not a regurge of beer parlor barf.


Laila Yuile said...

Nothing new here, except this same chantis happening in Surrey, with Dianne Watts as leader. She claims crime is down and that residents are not dealing with reality, but rahter with old perceptions of the city.Apparently the hookers and break-ins and the dial-a-dope dealers are merely imagined.

Same thing here as in Vancouver,we have all simply stopped reporting the property and vehicular break-ins and damage. No one calls, and no one cares. File numbers do nothing when the mayor believes in faulty statistics rather than the real facts.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"The average tax-paying home-owner has forsaken the reporting of these kinds of crimes because all they get for it is A FILE NUMBER."

And higher insurance premiums, of course, a real non incentive to reporting.

Anonymous said...

David, in the past 3 years, there has been at least 3 major jewelry heists in BC, two in Vancouver proper and the police did nothing.

One was at least $1 million; the others between $500 thousand to $750 thousand dollars.

Because those who were robbed (1 at gun point) were not established store owners, rather high end antique show types, the police shrugged their shoulders. Because they were not insured (you can't get insurance), they lost out.

Crime is up, but no one reports because even the police don't care.

keith said...

another jewelery store broken into overnight last week was Satchi & Satchi.
They were not insured either because the premium would have been $35,000.
They made the mistake of not locking the jewelery away in a safe overnight.
The cost of business in Vancouver.