Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Vote

Carole James says she'll axe the (carbon) tax and raise the minimum wage to $10.

Works for me.


Anonymous said...

She almost had my vote. But then she had to implement a discriminatory policy..NO MEN ALLOWED. She lost my vote. Any self respecting man would vote against this feminist hag!

Anonymous said...

"Feminist hag"??

I don't necessarily agree with the policy of affirmative action in choosing candidates .... however when anonymous chooses to call a woman a "hag" he demonstrates that feminist leadership in politics is needed.

Linda Yuill

Pelalusa said...

I have the right to vote tomorrow in Vancouver Fairview but am deliberately not doing so. First time in 25 years I've missed any election. I won't be voting in the Municipal Election next month either. We'll see how I feel when next year's Provincial Election occurs.

Many reasons why. Let's just say that I've come to the conclusion that after a lifetime of being deeply concerned about my community and society I've decided to ignore it all, like most everyone else I see around me. I want to see just how blissful ignorance really is. I know some very ignorant people who seem very happy.

And if I continue to cease voting then I will not do the hypocritical thing and criticize government on my blog anymore.

MurdocK said...

Yes the Non-Democrats attempt to get into the 1970's was laughable and does deserve continuing comment.

The concept that the NDP could ever be good stewards of the provincial purse is lunacy, their entire policy implementation plans are written for them in a union hall. Count on them to do whatever the BC FED tells them to do.

"New Labour" in the UK managed to kill off the Union control elements of their party system, sadly the NDP in BC and Canada have not done this. Anyone who supports the party had better understand that the 'ordinary' member of the party has less than one vote.

MurdocK said...


Criticism is not hypocritical if you have chosen not to vote.

The choice not to do something is still a choice, sadly not one that is actually tallied or anything. It is still a choice.

The real trouble is we do not have the power to ostricize any more, like the ancient Greeks did.

Anonymous said...

Murdoch and Pelalusa--You guys need to watch the Comedy channel for a few hours. Murdoch, your history of the NDP is laughable. I began teaching when Wacky Bennett
was in charge. I constantly complained to my parents about the shortages in the classrooms and the school. Under Gordo it's the same thing. There is no way the NDP so called fast ferry scandal is anything to be concerned about when one considers what is going on now: $56 miilion lost on the Canada Line because it was invested in sub prime mortgages; $18 million lost at ICBC, $12 million lost at Fraser Health--all invested in the same nonsense. The $56 million at the Canada line was quietly replaced by Gordo. Cost overruns in Richmond, at the new convention centre and so on--because the greedy developers have a free rein. Get with it and realize we need a change here. We are all going to be saddled with Olympic debt, not to mention the loss in assets such as one's home.

Anonymous said...

Like you I'm against the carbon tax. However Ms James has said she'll bring in cap and trade to replace it and tax all the steel mills in B.C.
Just watch, Campbell will up the min wage before the election


MurdocK said...

for anon telling me to watch TV.

Go get your next advice from a coffee table.

Theatre is life.
Film is art.
Television is furniture.