Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In the Wilderness

The video below is a sad commentary on the blindness of mankind.

A gay couple, no doubt offended by the opinions and declarations and politics of Sarah Palin, hang an effigy by the throat from their house.

They excuse their inexcusable behaviour by calling this atrocity "a joke."

Do they not know the history of their own country?

I don't like Sarah Palin either and I shudder when I see people enthralled by her.

But it would never occur to me for a second to do something this reckless.

What these two deluded fools are calling "a joke" is in fact a deeply angry act of hatred and hostility. And it is an incitement to violence.

Can they imagine if someone had done the same thing and called the hanging dummy "Mr. Fag?"

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