Friday, October 3, 2008


Gangland shooting in Oakridge parking lot at High Noon???


Oh, yes, everyone has done a fine job on the crime file.


David in North Burnaby BC said...

*tsk*, You know, if the media would only quit covering this sort of thing the public would have an easier time buying the BS crime stats wheeled out by the Neil Boyds of this world and their acolytes in govt.
Something to consider. ...
whoa,... for a moment there, it was like Hedy Fry was trying to take over my body.
What an experience. I think I'll call Coast to Coast tonight.

Anonymous said...

The crime file will NEVER be solved until the courts have the guts to deal with offenders quickly.
Even if the cops catch the individuals the legal wrangling will take years and delay everything.
The drug industry has grown so rich and powerful that we are all at risk because young,greedy individuals see it as a instant way to be RICH,POWERFUL, and SEXY.
Make drugs legal? No thanks.
Take away the profit motive quickly I say.Lose all your illegal assets.

Anonymous said...

in one sense the criminals are doing the job our justice system shoud be doing.