Friday, October 3, 2008


I gave the Canadian debate about a minute. Here's what I saw.

Harper came across as the Prime Minister. Reasoned and confident.

Dion was shrew-like. What were the Liberals thinking when they chose this man? Has he ever smiled? Has he ever looked less than worried?

Jack and Liz didn't even register. Oh, yah, then there's The Other Guy.

Game, set, match.


Anonymous said...

My three best Qoutes of the 2 hour Snoozefest: Ms. May "I talk EVERY DAY to people who are losing their homes". She does not.
Mr. Layton "the N.D.P. have never run a deficit". The late Bob Rae comes to mind.
Mr Harper "we are not going into a recession". We are.

And there you have it, Cheers

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Odd how the polls all say Harpo was perceived as the winner, yet the MSM are loath to dwell on that. Note for example how the writer(s) of this (Aspers) Canwest article that hit the web right after the debate were unable it seems to find an "ordinary voter" out there who planned to vote Harpo. :D

Notice the headline in today's Province pg A13: "PM takes a beating from all sides"
Then the significantly smaller deck copy re: Harpo "winning".
I wonder if they had Winnipeg on the phone over giving him that much. lol

MurdocK said...

The best quote must go to "The other guy":

"Three of you will not be prime-minister and none of you are ready to accept that."