Thursday, November 13, 2008


1. I cancelled my Vancouver Sun subscription yesterday. My new Globe & Mail delivery will begin in 2 weeks. Goodbye Milo, goodbye Mildew, Goodbye Yappy. Goodbye to front pages without news.

2. Leaving this morning for 2 weeks on Vanciouver Island to do some writing and relaxing. I will write blog every morning, BUT...

I email the blog through my main serve,, and unless I am literally connected to them as I am at home base, it is impossible to send much mail.

Therefore, if you enjoy these ramblings from time to time...just to be sure you see them, please BOOKMARK this page today and check in on it.

3. MY PREDICTION for the civic election results on Saturday night in Vancouver:

Gregor Robertson and the Vision team will all but

annihilate the NPA. You will see a city council, park board and school board dominated by Vision electees.

You will also see a city council even worse, if possible, than the one about to dissolve.


Martino said...

I think you're wrong about your prediction.

I think people are smart enough that they'll pick Peter Ladner over Cutesie Robertson. Ladner did the right thing by supporting the project, and the person who leaked it did the City a huge disservice when it came to negotiating with the developers.

Then again, if there's enough Insite for everyone/everywhere supporters, or enough people that support him for dodging transit fares/fines, then help us as Mr. Happy Planet gets free reign over the once-proud city.

Dave C. said...


On the mayoralty front, I'm surprised there's been little reaction to a candidate who both neglects to pay his transit fine and also fails to inform his political leader that he's resigning his provincial seat. Trustworthy? Opportunistic? Principled?

A. G. Tsakumis said...

Alas, Sir David is correct my friends...

Gregor in a walk. Landslide. I've seen the numbers...