Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cynics, Beware

Some of you may have been unhappy that I haven't published your comments on Barack Obama's election.

Some of you are cynical and superior about everything.

Loosen up. Try to be gracious and hopeful for a moment. You might even smile, who knows?

Obama has enormous challenges ahead, and no doubt he will stumble, even stumble badly.

But try to keep the blades sheathed until they're really needed.

Until then, allow yourself to consider that a decent and intelligent man - not a god, and certainly a wily politician - is now in the place where a fool has reigned for eight years. That alone should be cause enough for celebration. If you can allow yourself that.

In the meantime, read Maureen Dowd's reflection on matters presidential in the NY Times of the other night, thanks to my good buddy, Bill.

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