Sunday, November 9, 2008

Connect the Dots

The line from General Motors to the Cambie Bridge is direct, unavoidable and frightening.

General Motors is a breath away from Don't Bother to Resuscitate.

They have suffered from insufferable mis-management.

The story about two keys - one for the door and one for the trunk - says it all. They couldn't find a CEO who would holler down the line, "One effing key, you eejits!"

And putting all your yeggs in the SUV basket made real sense. As much sense as Lehman Brothers putting all their yeggs in sub-prime mortgages.

Now if GM goes - and we can feel the vacuum rush already - what fun effect will that have on economies round the world?

Iceland is broke? Good grief. There are no safe havens. Unless you're one of the the regular Davos lunchers and you're privy to the Harbours of the Night, wherever they may be.

You think the Olympic Village project is going to be just fine? What's your name, Pete McMartin? What are you injecting these days? No wonder so many educated people support Insite - they know they may need it soon for themselves.

VillageGate has just begun. The mud will thicken considerably. The more you hear a Larry Campbell burp from the Red Chamber "Everything is fine," the more you should worry.

Now, the Vision team is re-writing history.

In George Orwell's "Animal Farm," the pigs, who rule, begin each day by re-writing yesterday on the side of the barn walls.

Gregor Robertson, Raymond Louie et al are calling for a re-vote on the Millennium Loan Caper. They have the bald-faced audacity to claim, on behalf of Louie and other Vision incumbents who were there at the in-camera Give-Away Barbecue and who voted Ay, in favor, that "there were facts we didn't have."


Presumably, Ladner and Sullivan and the NPA folks didn't have these mind-altering facts either.
What were they all injecting?

This is poli-spin of the most transparent kind.

Get real.

To save his bid for the Mayor's chair, Peter Ladner must give the voters something, some small tidbit of real information, some assurance - if any is possible - that there is a clean upside to this story somewhere in the future.

Until that happens...

The deal stinks, everyone was part of it, shut up and vote already.


Anonymous said...

David, the Olympics were always about land development, nothing else. Sea to Sky highway is to open up land development in the Squamish Pemperton corridor, simple. RAV was to hugely inflate land values at key stations at Broadway, 16th, 25th, 41st, 49th and #3 Road and the Casino.

Just check the land registry office and see how many numbered companies own the adjacent lands!

But there is something more sinister afoot. To keep the police quiet, Coleman, Campbell, Falcon and the attorney General, created the SkyTrain police. What the SkyTrain police have done is to give many retired RCMP officers two incomes, a soft cushion of income. Instead of retired RCMP types working as consultants with the commercial crimes unit, they are happily double dipping and staying quiet.

The explosion of fare evasion is evidence that the SkyTrain cops are doing little or nothing but arresting their quota of fare cheats.

When the police are made political pawns in the global game of mega-corporate land development, it bodes ill for the taxpayer; the good citizen.

On a different front Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon is fighting tooth and nail not to be called as a witness in Susan Heyes lawsuit; Why? He will certainly perjure himself if he is called to the stand.

It is my belief that Susan Heyes lawsuit will be the 'the last straw' in the collapse of the Liberals and like the proverbial house of cards RAV; CN Rail; Olympic Village, etc., etc. will collapse upon itself.

The question is: "Will it happen before or after Mays election?

A coincidence: Isn't strange that former Vancouver Mayor, Larry Campbell was elevated to the Senate, only after he switched his vote to support RAV, even after the project's cost sored past $2 billion? To date, he has done nothing much except to threaten to ban US football if it comes to Canada.

It's guys & gals like Larry, Gordo, Harpo, James, and that ever so forgettable MP from the West End, that makes me think that our so-called democracy is on life support.

Anonymous said...

The politicos in the above post are all lining their life vests so that when the good ship Economy really goes down they will have the where with all to survive in the style to which they have constructed for themselves and let everyone else drown in the taxes that will be levied to keep them from paying for the problems THEY created in the first place. And nothing like having a well greased security force at beck and call. It happened between the two World Wars and history looks to be repeating itself. Why else all the secrecy at City Hall and Victoria?

Anonymous said...

Peter Ladner just lost my vote.
He announced in the paper today that "Gordon Campbell" was his favourite politician.
I will not vote for a Mayor this year.
There is no choice I can stomach.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of politicians, why does the press continue to go along with the charade that is Gordon Campbell's marriage? Not that we should care about his personal life necessarily, but I've always been curious as to why the press hasn't delved into what, for some, is common knowledge. This is all that I could find on the web

I've also heard about his relationship with certain Liberal MLA, and again, nothing in the press. I just find it curious.

Anonymous said...

There was a stunning article in Potvin's Republic of East Vancouver two years ago about Campbell's personal life. So much to say, I expected a libel suit.

The next article had a letter published by a prominent Liberal, who demanded a retraction or face the courts - Potvin's answer was short and succinct "The defense for libel, is truth."

Nothing was heard of again!

I ask this question? Is Gordo's squeeze on the government payroll?

Did Gordo have a relationship, with a certain $1000.00 a day "person" who worked on the RAV Line?

It's tasteless, yet this is the same premier who hijacked the BC Liberal Party by attacking a former leader's personal life.

What is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have read the Campbell articles in question. I
can't find them.
It may have to do with the strange web address, or is it not available anymore?
I wonder why

Anonymous said...

Here is the Potvin article from The Republic:

I too have wondered why the press leave this man alone.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mo.
I have always wondered why such a scandal has never hit the main media.
A scandal that probably most high school teachers know about.
i have been told about it by at least 5 teachers.
Now to go and give respect to those people who deserve our respect.
Past and current veterans and those families who have paid the price for all of us to live in what I fervently hope will stay a democracy.
I do wonder some days,

Anonymous said...

Today I remembered WWII, my Dad and all my uncles (one who went down with his plane when he was 30 years of age; one who endured a POW camp). I grew up in Winnipeg and will never forget visiting the train station and those long, long troop trains - loved ones either leaving to serve or returning on leave.
I played a few Vera Lynn tunes, shed a tear and silently expressed my gratitude.

Freedom - Democracy - Peace


Anonymous said...

Well.... I obviously didn't click on the correct comment button...

Should have been on the "Too Busy For Democracy" article... Oops.