Monday, November 10, 2008

Famous Last Words - The Village Idiot File

Any money that may have been loaned is fully secured by the real estate and by other assets as well," Malek (Millenium principal) said in a brief telephone interview. "There is absolutely no exposure for the taxpayer. None."

Rule of Life # 7: As soon as you hear that everything is safe, head for the life boats.

Today the headlines are all about who leaked the document?

Who cares?

Let's say for a moment that the world is not entirely black or white.

Let's imagine that somewhere in the middle ground All Secret and All Exposed are not reasonable options.

When you hear Philip Owen or any other elected official going on about how the public will know things in due time, of course you are offended by the sheer arrogance.

But certainly it must have been possible, it must still be possible, for City Hall to share enough information with the public about SPENDING $100 MILL LION TAXPAYERS MONEY to satisfy our grubby little curiosity.

Sensitive negotiations can be respected.

But when an elected body of alleged government promises enormous amounts of public funds on a deal shrouded entirely in secrecy, something is off kilter.

And all the happy-go-lucky columnists insisting that everything will be O.K., kids, does not make it either right or suddenly pleasing.

To save his bacon, Peter Ladner must tell us something useful and understandable about this Village Idiot deal.

Standing in the rain in the DTES and talking about 400 square foot portable tin can temporary shelters that are a bad and arrogant idea at the outset will not win the election.

Try a little exposure.


Anonymous said...

"Rule of Life # 7: As soon as you hear that everything is safe, head for the life boats"

Rule of Life # 8: Follow the money.

Cheers, Gary

Anonymous said...

Dont worry... Vancouver property taxes will be going up swiftly... to fix all those mistakes by Politicians spending other peoples money.

Anonymous said...

What is the most telling, is that Peter Ladner holds Gordon Campbell in such high regard, he chose him as the politician HE ADMIRES THE MOST.

'nuff said.

John said...

Vancouverites owe a huge thank you to Globe and Mail columnists Gary Mason and Frances Bula for their fine work exposing this (possibly criminal) enterprise. Their latest reports are top notch:


The local dailys won't go into this stuff in depth because they are part and parcel of the 2010 Gang (and I do mean Gang in the worst sense of the word).

The Salt Lake Winter Games were very nearly undone by the same kind of scandal we see unravelling here now. What we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Fasten your seatbelts!