Monday, November 10, 2008

Charter Burns

A couple move to Canada for the express purpose of subverting local laws and culture.

Their entire lives are devoted to criminal behaviour. They make fake passports, drivers' licences, marriage certificates and university degrees.

Their work is top notch. The police say it is impossible to "tell the difference."

This is a particularly heinous crime because...if we can't trust identifying documents, what can we trust?

Of course, by now, clever reader that you are, you can see where this is going.

Straight into the judicial toilet.

Out the front door because the police didn't have the right paperwork when they walked into this fine couple's home.

Rights infringed in bust, judge rules

Couple charged with making counterfeit documents acquitted

In throwing out charges of possession of forged documents and instruments of forgery, (Judge)Blouin warned the couple not to look on the acquittal as vindication. The evidence found in their home, the judge said, was a "serious crime" that could impact national security. "Short of violence I can't think of many more serious offences."

But he found the actions of the police even more serious, saying officers had entered the house without "much in the way of grounds."

Read the entire story from The Toronto Star here and light a black candle for Pierre Elliot Trudeau who has given us such a gift that never stops giving.

Oh yes, then go vote for his talented son because he has curly hair.


Anonymous said...

Are these people not terrorists or abetting terrorism?

It is our weak politicians and judges that abet terrorism in Canada, it is as simple as that!

Anonymous said...

Kind of makes Gregor Robertson's fine for his $1.00 mistake in the Skytrain fare seem a tad disproportionate...

Linda Yuill