Thursday, November 6, 2008

How I Voted

I voted yesterday.

I will be out of town on November 15th, so I voted at a surprisingly busy Dunbar Community Centre polling station.

Following is the list of people for whom I voted.

In each case, I voted for these people because I know them or know something or two about them that I like.

I did not vote for the terminally cute.


Peter Ladner, NPA


Suzanne Anton, NPA

David Cadman, COPE

Heather Deal, Vision

Michael Geller, NPA

Lea Johnson

Raymond Louie, Vision

Tim Stephenson, Vision


Constance Barnes, Vision

Sarah Blyth, Vision

Richard Mayencourt

Ian Robertson, NPA

Marty Zlotnik, NPA


Patti Baccus, Vision

Heather Holden, NPA

Eileen Le Gallais, NPA


keith said...

I would sooner vote for Mr Cute who says a $173 transit fine is too much, than a politician who risks $100,000,000 of taxpayers money and then hides it from the public.

Anonymous said...

Better not vote for Raymond Louie and every other City councillor than.
It was a unanimous vote by all City councillors!