Thursday, November 6, 2008

I May Have to Get My News from Somewher Else

I'm a newspaper guy.

I like to read the local daily in the morning.

It's a habit I developed as kid growing up in Winnipeg reading the Free Press.

As I approach 66, I may soon have to abandon and adjust.

The new look of the Vancouver Sun offends me.

On Tuesday night, Barack Obama was declared President Elect of the Unites States of America.

On Wednesday morning, the lower half of the Sun's front page was unreadable irrelevant opinionation by Barbara Daffy about how Obama's presidency will effect Canada. I guess this is some editorial committee's notion of "news you can use," a phrase I detest.

I don't read the news to "use it."

I read the news to be informed.

This morning, the bottom half of the Sun's front page is an unreadable irrelevant opinionation by religion writer Douglas Todd about how Obama's presidency will effect assisted suicide issues in Canada.

If I want to read messages from the Pope, I'll check into the Vatican News, thank you very much. For all of Todd's writing skill and attempts to be interested in all things religious, he is writing in my opinion always as a Christian. That's not a bad thing. It is simply that I am not interested. I am especially not interest on the front page where I want to learn about what is going on today somewhere in the world.

In short, I may not last much longer with this newspaper.

They want me to read all their blogs. Sorry, got a blog of my own - n0t interested. And they want me to care about their columnists on the front page. No thanks.

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