Monday, November 3, 2008

Nobody Really Cares

Here's the sorry reality.

Nobody really cares about Gregor Robertson cheating the SkyTrain or playing silly time in our courts.

You know why?

Because this is an adolescent culture, where crossing the street on a red light in the face of oncoming traffic and parking under signs that say, "Emergency Vehicles Only" is basic to our perpetual need to be teen rebels.

Cheating the SkyTrain is fun.

The Sun, by the way, hasn't even reported the story. Or did I miss it?

No, Gregor will be elected Mayor and we will have a council even worse the the present one, which is already the worst in living memory.

Gregor will be elected by all those female co-workers of a dear friend of mine.

You know why they're voting for him?

"'Cause he's real cute!"

I suspect Gregor has been getting away with a lot of things his whole life long because he's real cute.

What he and his friends are going to do to this city will not be cute.


keith said...

It is ridiculous to charge somebody $173 for making a simple mistake with the fare.
London's underground has an immediate fine of 20 pounds and London's buses have an immediate fine of 10 pounds for not having the correct fare.
I doubt most people know where the zones are on skytrain, especially newcomers and tourists.
This stiff fine was a consolation for not putting faregates on the Skytrain system.
How many offenders actually pay the fine?
Now Translink has a perfectly good reason to install fare gates on their transit system, and quit whining about the cost.
Like they really care.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm an idiot -- I pay my fines. This year I received a $40 ticket for parking the wrong way in front of my own house (perhaps I was being a teen rebel). I was parked for no more than 15 minutes before I came out to find the ticket, which I foolishly paid, even though I couldn't quite believe I was ticketed in front of my own home. There are a number of laws/rules I don't agree with, but hey, if you do the 'crime' . . . And if I'm not mistaken, the original cost of the ticket was not $173, it was $46, but ratcheted up because it wasn't paid.

And FYI, Robertson ain't that cute!


Not A Believer said...

I don't think Gregor is cute. In fact, he reminds me of Ted Bundy. (No, not Al Bundy)...

John said...

I think Robertson is done.

I don't get why the Sun doesn't carry a story that is front page news in The Province. I guess it's because they might lose their license when it becomes apparent that they are two papers printed in the same market by the same company - dominating the market so completely that competition can never exist.

Do you think Canwest would stoop to this kind of business practice?

Anonymous said...

Dave, I just wanted to casually point out that it is not just "females" who tip the scales when being swayed by someones' attractiveness. Males like to think that they are logical, but they are swayed just as much - whether the "cute" one be male or female.

My father-in-law insists that women made Trudeau become PM all those years ago (my fil HATED Trudeau). I like to believe that most women can think with their brains and do not base their vote on eye-candy.

BTW - my cat is "cute", my three year old and 19 month old are "cute". If I wanted to look at handsome and sexy - I would stare at my husband. I have no real urge to look at the mayor of my city and think "what a hunk." I want the mayor and city council to prudently implement policy that will enhance the livability of my city.

Linda Yuill