Monday, November 3, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

One entire page (B1, which I cannot find online) in the Sun is given over to the shocking news that teen girls who watch TV get pregnant.


Teen girls have been getting pregnant since time began. It usually happens because teen boys are shtupping them.

Another entire page is given over to real journalism. Gordon Hamilton, in a very thorough and important piece in the business section chronicles what we already knew, but need reminding of - neither the Liberals nor the NDP have the faintest idea what to do about forestry.

Both parties have platforms and promises and both are barely up to the task.

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Anonymous said...

(Sir) David:

Vision Vancouver has a plan to save the forestry sector of British Columbia.

Ban plastic bags.

It's a good example of how the unintended consequences of a not-well-thought-out plan are not always negative.