Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Elect Barack Obama

Joyous. Moving. Transformational.

President Elect Barack Obama's speech last night in Grant Park in Chicago was wonderful.

Earlier, we had the privilege of watching John McCain's most gracious and personal and manly concession speech.

Obama now has an enormously high hill to climb. There is so much to be done to right a ship that is practically aground.

If he does even half of what he has pledged, it will be amazing.

We can only wish him all the good fortune and more that life can bring.


Anonymous said...

It was an amazing, emotional day.


Cuileann McKenzie said...

I'm a Canadian ex-pat living in Austin, Texas (a big Obama/Democratic city, in the middle of a Republican state), and my father-in-law pointed me to your very interesting blog.

I'm happy to see that you found Obama's victory so moving up in Vancouver, too!

I agree that Obama, and the rest of America, certainly does have a high hill to climb, but at least now the climb seems noble.

Thanks for sending out your positive thoughts!

Anonymous said...

David, yesterday was certainly a historical day. As we go down this road called Life, every once in awhile a Memorable Event plays out. Some good, too many bad.
Only time will determine the consequences of yesterdays "history".
I felt honoured to be around to witness what has the makings of being a "positive" in a sea of "negatives".

Cheers, Gary

Chris said...

The real miracle of all of this is that people VOTED!
The loser in this election got more votes than the winner in many,many previous elections.
Line ups to vote, where people waited patiently and non-violently to vote.
That is democracy.
May us Canadians learn something from this.